Goodbye Virginia and Hello San Fransisco Bay area!

Ok major life update! We moved to the Bay area!!! This is so crazy I still can't believe we just packed up our lives and moved here. 

We moved here for a number of reasons, one of which being that hubby is a software developer and what software developer wouldn't want to live here?! His job is here as well and what a treat it is to live here!!!!! Also, the schools are what sold it to me. The schools are highly rated and are so academically competetive. Where we live a "B" is for BAD and "A" is for AVERAGE lol. I just love that. Also it will be great as I want my kids second language to be Mandarin, and I literally have like 10 Chinese neighbors. Ni Hao! 

Another thing I love about this area is that there is a really low crime rate, and everyone is so friendly it's like ridiculous. But the thing I love the most about here is that there are NO BUGS!!!!! I can comfortably sit outside without having to worry about bees attacking me and gnats flying into my eyes and all sorts of bugs flying into my hair.  

The one word that describes this area is: BREATHTAKING. The windows from our bedroom have a view of beautiful rolling hills, and when I drive to our local Starbucks this is pretty much the view I see...

san ramon rolling hills

So moving across country was a BIG step out of my comfort zone. The whole moving process is a stressful one, and I can't stand feeling unsettled and having to break our structure and routines. Add that to feeling overwhelmed from the amount of STUFF that we accumulated and had to get rid of. Can I just add that I CANNOT STAND STUFF!!! I'm on a full on minimalism kick right now and I never want to accumulate crap again!!! Also one of the hardest things was to leave my parents and sister and dogs! My first dog, Midas (the pug) is now 12 years old and sick and he requires a lot of care. We also had to give our family dog, Sir Edward, away to a nice family. We couldn't bring him with us because French Bulldogs (that are not puppies) die on airplanes. That was by far the HARDEST thing we have ever done and gave us lots of sleepless nights. We cried for 5 days straight. Moving away is hard, but like they say- SUCCESS IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. 

Saying goodbye to our dogs:

french bulldog

On our last night we went to my parents restaurant, Cafe Renaissance, and had a nice dinner and said our goodbyes....

cafe renaissance vienna va

cafe renaissance vienna

And then we stayed up all night packing everything that we would take with us. We got rid of all our stuff and furniture, but it still seemed like we were travelling with so much stuff! I guess it's not too bad for a family of 5. 

For some reason my kids get SO excited about going to an airport and on an airplane. Personally I don't like flying and I freak out during any turbulance, so I'm happy that my kids aren't like that. Also- can I just brag a little and mention how wonderfully behaved they all are on an airplane. Even the baby! How I got this lucky I don't know......but definitely not complaining. 

toddler on airplane

toddler sleeping on airplane

Landing at SFO was such a great experience. The weather was amazing and everything went smoothly. All our luggage fit into the rental car perfectly, and we drove straight to our new house and made ourselves right at home. We had no furniture upon arrival and we all slept and ate on the floor. Hubby went to Target to get a pack and play for baby and essentials to tie us over, and the kids LOVED having a sleepover on the floor! 

We are still in the process of getting settled. All of this is so exciting to me- it's like a fresh new beginning. We recently splurged a bit on furniture and I am just loving our new house. The views are stunning and the weather is just so perfect I love having my morning coffee out on our front porch and watching the boys play in the enclosed backyard. Our neighbor has lemon trees and the whole neighborhood is just so picturesque.

We also, unfortunately, decided to take a break from Keto during this month because I have no time to meal plan or cook. That means we have probably put on a few pounds, but right now I'm just too busy putting our house together to care. We will resume Ketosis next month. 

Do any of my readers live in Northern California? 

Happy Birthday, Caspian

Happy 3rd Birthday to my middle child, Caspian, who I love so so much! He's the family clown who we love and adore, and who makes us burst into laughter at least multiple times every day. He's so cute that I don't want him to grow up. If he could just stay exactly this way forever......

For his birthday we had a joint birthday party earlier this month, and on the day of his birthday we had my parents and sister come over to celebrate with him. He had such a blast opening presents for the second day in a row! It was like a second day of Christmas! He is, afterall, a Christmas baby! 

christmas baby

Look at that little bundle! I can't believe how much he has grown and how far he has come. 

caspian rahmanian

caspian rahmanian

Caspian has some special qualities about him, that include his dashing smile and killer charm. He has this thing where he is always pretending to talk on the phone. I will be running around the house and sometimes I'll hear him from his room saying "Hello? Hi ___ !!! How are you today? Ok hab a good day! Bye! Bye! Bye!" And then I die laughing because it's so cute. Another funny thing he does is take his socks off and wears them on his hands....and then he will walk in this certain way that I can't really explain but he takes big steps and waves his arms up and down like he is on a mission doing something important. 

Sometimes he gets into trouble because he's still so young and still learning all the rules, and when we need to tell him off, he totally gives us side eye. Whenever he does this I need to bite my tongue not to laugh and remain serious, but it's so hard because he is so cute!!! Another cute thing about him is that he has some major gravitational issues. He is constantly falling! At school we had to have him wear knee protectors because he would constantly trip and go flying. If you just gently touch him with your finger he may go flying over and land on his head! His knees would constantly scab, and then he would fall again and get a new scar over an already recovering one, and he would proudly show us his "ouchiees" that had bandaids on. On another note, why do kids love bandaids so much??

Caspian is so smart and such a fast learner. His element is numbers and shapes. He can tell you what number you point to and gets it right most of the time (unless it's 20+) and he loves talking about goemetric shapes like cubes, spheres, pyramids etc. He watches me teaching Valentino phonics and just from watching us he's picked up so many letter sounds. Harvard here he comes!

Caspian also has the cutest baby accent. He calls sandwich "samwich" ..... spaghetti is "sgabetti," popsicle is "poscicle," paw patrol is "paw catrol" and he thinks his name is "Capsian." He's also constantly telling off his brother "Valentino, sit properly! (pronounced "pwoperly") Valentino, sit down NOW! 

He's so cute and hilarious and I love him so much.

Happy Birthday my love Caspian!

Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning 2017

It was a wonderful Christmas Eve. We baked cookies and decorated them, made reindeer food and watched Peppa Pig's Christmas special. They put Santa's cookies that they had just decorated by the fireplace, and then we took the boys outside so they can choose a spot to leave the reindeer food. They quickly chose a spot and then they went nuts over the Christmas lights in the front of our house, running back and forth and in circles, screaming chasing each other and laughing loudly. Then hubby joins them and starts jumping up and down and running around the driveway like a 5 year old.....all the while I'm standing there freezing my behind off and taking pictures of their shenanigans. Kids become amused so easily! 

making christmas cookies for santa toddlers activities

toddlers decorating christmas cookies for santa

christmas cookies for santa toddlers decorate fireplace

reindeer food

They were exhausted and even got to sleep way past their bedtime.....7:30 instead of 7. Then GUESS WHAT you guys......SANTA came!!!!!!! And he left all these presents, because I apparently have good little boys and a girl. 

They woke up on Christmas morning amazed at the site of all those presents. They opened them all and helped baby open hers too....and then it literally looked like Christmas exploded in my house. And then I cried a little just at the thought of cleaning up all that mess.....

christmas morning opening presents toddlers

snowman pancakes christmas toddler fun food breakfast

christmas toddler breakfasts fun pancakes

christmas breakfasts pancakes fun toddler food

Christmas time 2017

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We did something fun almost every single day! But boy am I exhausted now that it's over. This Christmas was special because it was the first one that Persephone experienced. Last year she was in my tummy and causing me all sorts of issues, that troublemaker! This year I had so much more energy so I filled the kids days with activities, and every night we would go for a drive and look at the christmas lights up in our neighborhood. The kids had a blast. Why is it that toddlers will look everywhere BUT the camera? When I tell them to sit still and look at the camera, suddenly they feel the urge to do kung fu, wack their sibling in the face, start dancing and even turn the opposite way. They are so silly. 

Till next year. 

family christmas photo 2017

picture with santa fair oaks mall toddlers

christmas photos toddlers family

family christmas photos toddlers

bubblegum christmas tree gumdrops

french bulldog christmas

salt dough ornaments christmas paw print hand print acrylic paint

gaylord christmas village

gaylord christmas tree lighting ceremony

baby girl christmas photo

toddler christmas card photo

fair oaks mall santa va christmas

fair oaks mall santa christmas va

gaylord christmas village gingerbread decorating

christmas activities in gaylord hotel decorating gingerbread

fair oaks mall santa

gaylord hotel gingerbread display christmas

salt dough christmas ornaments acrylic paint

salt dough christmas ornaments acrylic paint

Happy Birthday, Valentino

Happy Birthday to my darling Valentino! He turned 4 earlier this month, and we celebrated doing all his favorite things. We asked him what he wanted for his birthday this year, and he told us that he wanted to go to a restaurant and on a tractor. We said absolutely! We weren't sure about that tractor ride though, so instead we took him on a mini train and a carousel, which he loved and enjoyed so much! 

valentino rahmanian cafe renaissance

gaylord hotel christmas train and carousel

The boys also had a very small joint birthday party as Caspian's birthday is at the end of the month! 

I love Valentino so much and I cannot believe he is 4 already! Some of his favorite things to do are taking charge of grocery shopping. We go over the shopping list together and he points out what we need and puts it in his cart. He also loves doing "homework" every day, and he has the cutest concentration face. Lately he also has been loving riding in the car every night looking at all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. Both him and Caspian make the funniest noises "oooooh" and "aaaahhhh" when driving past the most decked out houses. 

A few funny things about Valentino: he refers to himself in the third person. Instead of saying "I'm hungry" he will say "Tino's hungry." If he doesn't like something he will say "Tino don't like that!" And he constantly says super "Tino's super scared! Tino's super tired!" He also has this crazy sense of time, and he's always right about it. He knows exactly when it's breakfast lunch and dinner time, when it's baby's feeding time, and when it's homework time. 

He is also such a polite, well mannered boy (well, for the most part). He asks before he doing anything new, always covers his mouth when he sneezes or coughs, and says please and thank you. He knows during eating time to sit down and not to get up until he finishes all his food, and he knows and adheres to ALL the house rules, and even reminds me of them, like "mommy I need to clean my room before bedtime!" 

This past year was such an exciting time for us as he gained a new sibling, learned a lot at school and at home, understands things better and has been given more responsibilities. He's really becoming a big boy! We love him so much and cannot believe our first baby is 4 now! Where does time go?!!! 

kid carts grocery store