Happy Fall Y'all

Is there any season better than fall? I think not! I love everything fall- all things pumpkin spice, Halloween, costumes, trick or treaters, the changing leaves, jack o lanterns and PUMPKIN PIE!

pumpkin pie fall

Does anyone have a tried and true low carb crustless pumpkin pie recipe? I'm dying here. This year there will be no sweets for me and hubby :( But instead we are starting to fit into our old "skinny clothes" I'll take that any day over pie. 

The past few weeks have been hard around here. Caspian caught a bug from school and graciously shared it with the rest of the family. That Caspian! At one point I had three kids with fevers all at the same time, and charts with different medicine schedules for the three of them. In the middle of all that sickness I got this big urge to declutter my life. Thanks to Konmari and Madame Chic (my favorites) I spent hours and hours cleaning, organizing and getting rid of clutter.

Now that everyone is better, we are in full FALL planning mode, with tons of fun events to attend. Every year for Halloween we choose a family theme for costumes. Last year the theme was Dr. Seuss and the year before it was The Wizard of Oz! This year it will be even more spectacular because now I have a daughter to dress up too! YAY! 

So in the spirit of all things autumn I made this little sensory bin for the boys, who have a blast with it. I only give it to them separately though- as Caspian is going through a "MINE!" phase. He's so naughty. 

fall autumn halloween sensory bin bucket


pumpkin sensory bin fall autumn

halloween treats ideas cupcakes

Wishing you all a happy fall 🎃 🎃 🎃

Third & Fourth Month of Keto

I am currently on month #5 of the Ketogenic diet. Me and hubby have been weighing ourselves monthly to track our weight loss, and I honestly cannot be more proud of our progress:

1st month of Keto: 14 pounds lost

2nd month of Keto: 10 pounds lost

3rd month of Keto: We forgot to weigh ourselves!!!!

4th month of Keto: 10 pounds lost

So overall, since starting the Ketogenic in the summer, I am down THIRTY FOUR POUNDS! Hubby is down TWENTY-TWO pounds! 

*Does happy dance*

We forgot to weigh ourselves during the third month because we were vacationing in California. All throughout our vacation we stuck to the diet, except for one day at a relatives house, who insisted we eat pancakes and I mean, it's just rude not to, so I ate like 2 huge pancakes and was in heaven for a good 10 minutes. 

It was surprisingly easy to maintain the diet while vacationing. Our hotel had breakfast every morning so we would fill up with eggs and sausage/bacon. All other meals were some kind of meat and salad. We had a lot of bunless cheeseburgers with bacon, a lot of kabobs, and a lot of chicken salads. And we would still have our morning coffee.....a KETO coffee from Starbucks (an ice grande skinny vanilla latte with heavy cream)  SO GOOD! 

So here's all what I have ate the past two months:

I was adventurous and for the first time made Keto cookies and Keto pizza (with a cauliuflower crust and minimal tomato sauce)

VITAMINS!!!!......I take them every night with dinner. They are: prenatal, DHA, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, Echinacea and I really need to start taking potassium too. 

keto supplements ketogenic diet

keto meal ideas

keto dinner ideas

ketogenic diet

keto cookies

keto cookies

keto pizza

cauliflower mac n cheese keto

keto mug cake

keto mug cake chocolate sauce

keto brownie

Family Vacation & 5 Things

1. We went on vacation to Newport Beach for ten days around labor day weekend and we had so much fun! The kids loved meeting so many family members and friends. We went to Disneyland too and I literally think that was the happiest day of their lives. 

three toddlers and a balloon

2. My mom joined us for a few days and the kids were psyched about their "nai nai"coming on vacation with them. They call her nai nai (grandma in Chinese) because we are working on their Mandarin :) I hope to one day enroll them in Mandarin immersion. Fun fact- Persephone is wearing an outfit that was mine when I was her age! She is literally a mini-me! 

3. We are sticklers for routine and structure, and the first few days we tried our best to adhere to nap times and bed times, but after the third or fourth day we literally threw all our routines out the window and went full on vacation mode. Naps were taken in the car and stroller and bed times would get later and later. It would make me cringe! The kids would become hyper at bed time as they were so excited to be sharing a bed, and they would scream "SLEEPOVER!" over and over. They are so funny. 

4. Crazy things happened during our vacation- our hotel literally caught fire at 4:30am and we had to evacuate and stay outside for over two hours! The kids thought it was the COOLEST thing ever! They got to see a fire truck and say hello to firemen. We couldn't even be too annoyed because of how much the kids loved that fire situation. Oh and then the next day I got a tooth ache and had to get a root canal. How crazy. 

5. On this trip we have discovered that Caspian is immensely afraid of the ocean and elevators. It was a shame because Valentino LOVED the beach and he still asks me if we can go, in the cutest voice "mommy can we go to beach? Please mommy please??!" and he looks up at me with puppy eyes and then I die because I can't handle the cuteness. 

newport beach CA with toddlers

The Happiest Place on Earth......

We spontaneously decided to take a trip with the kids to California. We have a lot of family there and we thought a Disney trip would be fun for the kids, and boy did they love it!!! It really is the happiest place on earth!

The kids loved Toontown the best, we all loved the parade, and I was obsessed with the baby care centers. They were EVERYTHING! We would go back to it every two hours to feed and change baby, have the boys go potty and rehydrate. If only malls and restaurants could all have baby care centers, my life would be so much easier! Also, I cannot wait to go back in a few years so that baby Persephone can really enjoy it. I was swooning over the dresses and kids makeup in the bibbidi bobbidi boutique. Too adorable!!! I want matching princess outfits for the both of us :) 

disneyland toddlers castle

Disneyland baby care center

The boys couldn't get enough of Mickey Mouse, and they were shocked that Mickey was "real" and lived in his own house! They couldn't believe it!!!! The smile on their faces was priceless. 

Mickey mouse house disneyland

disneyland meeting mickey mouse house

disneyland mickey mouse toddlers

disneyland mickey mouse balloons

disneyland parade

mary poppins disneyland

Second month of Keto- pounds lost and what I ate

I have lost ten pounds this month!!!!!! Bringing my total weight loss for the past two months to: 

24 POUNDS LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I didn't even exercise! Well, I think running around after three kids counts as exercise though. Hubby has lost 5 pounds this month. Hooray for him. 

Can I just say that I ate cake a few times this month also? I ACTUALLY ATE CAKE! It's called KETO cake, and it's delicious and low carb and yummy and tastes almost like the real thing. I also ate Keto cheesecake and Keto cheesecake brownies. AND I ATE MAC AND CHEESE TOO!!!! (cauliflower mac and cheese of course) but I mean seriously, who knew you could have your cake and eat it too? I love you Keto. 

I'm so mad that no one told me about the Ketogenic diet when I was younger. Instead I tried everything else like restricting calories, being vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, Jenny Craig, working out at the gym for two hours a day.....all to no avail. I'd lose like max 1.5 pounds a month. Now I'm eating way more and losing crazy weight. So weird right?!!!! I love how I don't have to count calories and can eat however much I want whenever I want.

Here is exaclty what I ate last month that resulted in ten pounds being lost:

For breakfast every day I would just have KETO coffee, with lots of heavy whipping cream.

keto coffee

Then every day for lunch I will usually just have eggs and pepperoni and sugar free jello:

keto lunch ideas

and on the weekends I would make Keto mug cake, and split it in half to share with hubby. I think it came out to something like 3 net carbs for each half of the cake. It's made with coconut flour and maybe one day I'll post the recipe. 

keto vanilla mug cake chocolate ganache sauce

keto mug cake chocolate sauce

Then I made some Keto cheesecake.......

keto cheesecake

And then I made keto cheesecake brownies. SO GOOD. keto cheesecake brownies

Ok but really, below are the real food I ate for all of last month, all of which were dinners.

This one is a Keto chicken tikka masala with cauliflower rice. We used the instant pot for this (for the chicken) and it was ready in no time! This was also my first time making cauliflower rice and it was surprisingly good! 

keto chicken tikka masala cauliflower rice

Keto broccoli and sausage:

keto broccoli and sausage 

With parmesan crisps and heavy sour cream......

parmesan crisps keto sour cream snack

CAULIFLOWER MAC AND CHEESE........and I threw in some broccoli florets and sausages too

cauliflower mac and cheese

keto mac and cheese cauliflower sausage

Taco beef with salad:

keto taco beef salad

Bunless cheeseburger with low carb ketchup

Deviled eggs and salami

Salmon and steamed broccoli drenched in butter:

Panera chicken salad:

Flank steak:

flank steak keto

Meatballs and salad:

Shredded chicken and broccoli all drenched in butter:

Gyro without the bread, parmesan crisps: