Thanksgiving Memories

Are any of you as excited as I am about Thanksgiving coming up so soon? I CANNOT WAIT. Especially since I am pregnant. I appreciate it and enjoy it way more while being pregnant, because I can eat for two! Also, some of my strongest cravings are for a full and hearty thanksgiving dinner. The last time I was pregnant, I had my mom cook an entire thanksgiving feast for breakfast, in the middle of July! Needless to say, I was in heaven. 

This has also got to be one of my kids's favorite holidays because boy do they love to EAT! Valentino eats turkey like he's eating cake. He's so funny. I'm not sure they understand much about the whole "being thankful" part of Thanksgiving, but that will come. 

thanksgiving feast at montessori school

Here are some of our past Thanksgivings:

This one was last year..... I can't get over how hot hubby looks here, and how dapper the kids look! I have some good looking boys :)

thanksgiving brunch at marriot westfields va

And here's the year before, when I was pregnant with Caspian:

thanksgiving tablescape

thanksgiving tablescapes

And here's us celebrating Thanksgiving before we had any kids! I can't believe we were THAT thin! Ha ha.

thanksgiving tablescapes

thanksgiving tablescapes

thanksgiving tablescapes

Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving! 

Halloween 2016 Family Fun

Happy Halloween everyone! This year we had a fun and busy few weeks. We attended all kinds of Halloween and Fall festival events. 

Can you guess what we were?

dr seuss family halloween costumes

Dr. Seuss characters! The kids were thing 1 and thing 2. I was also thing 1 and thing 2 (my unborn baby was thing 2) and hubby was the cat in the hat! My sister Sara was the grinch, and my mom was the goldfish. 

I'm kind of a Halloween nut. I got hubby to decorate the outside of our house, and the kids were crazy about it. Valentino loves his pumpkins. He points at each and every single one and says "bumpkin" over and over again. Caspian likes to bite on the pumpkins, so we have to keep them away from him. 

family outdoor halloween decorations mickey mouse inflatable

outdoor halloween decorations kids toddlers inflatables pumpkins

outdoor decorations inflatable halloween scarecrows pumpkins

outdoor halloween decoration at night

The kids's school and our neighborhood both had Halloween events. The kids were over the moon and had tons of fun. Our neighborhood event had farm animals, pony rides, bouncy castles and the works!

thing 1 and thing 2 halloween costumes

halloween festival northern va montessori school

thing 1 and thing 2 toddler costumes

thing 1 and thing 2 toddler costumes diy halloween

thing 1 thing 2 toddler halloween costumes diy

So we also had a little family get together and ate cake and carved pumpkins! 

dr. seuss halloween family charachters goldfish grinch cat in the hat

Can you tell I love glitter??

glittery pumpkin halloween decoration

halloween tablescape cakes and cupcakes

halloween pumpkin cake halloween tablescape

pumpkin carving party

I love watching hubby as he concentrates. Check out his and my sisters faces..... this is some serious stuff! so funny.

thing 1 and thing 2 pregnancy halloween costume

Wishing you all a very safe and happy halloween! 

Summer time picnic!

Why does summer always fly by so fast? I felt like it was just yesterday when I was planning all these fantastic and fun activities for the kids, and then BAM, school starts, we are back to our super structured routines, and that doesn't leave time for much fun. Because Caspian has started school (he's in the same toddler montessori program as Valentino now), he has to now skip his morning nap that he is used to taking around 11am. This means that we have to start getting ready for bed now every night at 6pm so the kids can be in bed by 7! Before having kids I would think parents who put their kids to bed this early were nuts. I totally get it now. 

I wish the summer lasted a little longer and we had more time to go on family outings. The kids still had a really good time, doing things like attending birthday parties, going to the neighborhood playground and pool, and family picnics!

Now time to plan for fall activities! 

Here are some pics of a family picnic we had on father's day. This was the first time we realized that Valentino is afraid of balloons. He thinks they are alive and gets scared when they fly up. He is hilarious. 

You can also check out the kids's blog entries on their summer:

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summer picnic spread ideas

summer toddler picnic ideas picnic table spread

summer picnic ideas table spread

valentino rahmanian toddler picnic ideas

Our Strange Toddler Phases

Toddlers and their phases! They are so funny. Six months back, we were having some new issues with Valentino. He would do the craziest things, like take his poopy diaper off during nap time, wave it in the air and then stomp on it. Or during play time he would take all his clothes off, throw poop around his room (yes, physically throw it), then go hide in his closet because he knew he had done wrong. Then we would go into his room and see him peeking at us butt naked from inside his closet. He would then giggle and run away from me while I would chase him and then dump him in the bath for an intense scrubbing session. 

Another funny Valentino phase? Emptying his closet. He would empty his closet by taking all his clothes out of his drawers one by one, and thowing them all over his room.

toddler phases

Then when I tell him off he quickly runs and cleans it up, mixing his dirty clothes in with the clean ones. At least he tries :) 

The drawers in his closet are the IKEA malm brand. Before we heard anything about the recall, we had a set of these drawers in each kids bedroom, and we didn't attach them to the wall. I had put the drawers in their closets, and then I would tie the closets shut with a ribbon. 

Then one day Valentino figured out how to get through the ribbon, open his closet and he tipped over his drawers. That could have killed him, as it did to a few toddlers apparently, hence the recall. We immediately removed the drawers from his room and put them right outside his room, where he again, made it tip over. 

ikea malm drawers tipping over falling over recall

So then we moved all the Ikea malm drawers into our own bedroom until we sent them back and got a refund. They came the other day and removed them all, and we will get a full refund too. It was super convenient, I didn't need to find the receipt (as we bought them 5 years ago) and I didn't need to dismantle them either.  

So about 6 months ago we had some issues with Caspian. He would constantly chew his wooden furniture, and it would drive me insane. I mean, just look at this:

baby eating crib wood

So I had to get creative........

baby chewing crib rails

baby crib rail protector

I tried wrapping blankets around the crib rail, I tried sheets, I tried those gummy protectors, I tried the fabric crib rail guard and wrapped ribbons with double knots all around it. All my attempts were a fail, until one day daddy came and wrapped an old onesie around the fabric crib rail guard. A ONESIE! and it worked wonders. Who knew? 

solutions for chewing crib wood

Thankfully all these odd behaviors were just a phase. We changed Valentino's diapers to a more comfortable one and he doesn't take them off anymore, and Caspian doesn't chew wood anymore. Valentino has become such a little gentleman now. Caspian not so much, but I love them both the same. Time flies so fast, I wish I could just press pause and keep them little and cute forever.


My Sister's Birthday

Two weekends ago we celebrated my sister, Sara's, 22nd birthday. She also recently graduated with a bachelor degree in marketing. I am bummed that we couldn't make the graduation. Going anywhere with two toddlers gives me hives. Nevertheless, I am so proud of her and love her so much, and so glad that we got to celebrate her birthday with her. Here are some pics, enjoy!

brunch pictures catering

poached pears red wine

brunch pictures


brunch tablescape