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First Pregnancy vs Second Pregnancy & Back to Back Pregnancies

So I thought it would be cute to have two babies close in age. That's why just a few months after I had Valentino, I got pregnant again with baby #2. 

These pregnancies couldn't be any more different. During the first one, I felt sick for the entire 9 months. I pretty much checked out of life. I was lucky that I could do that, leaving my husband to do all the work and household chores. I would just lay in bed all day and all night and sleep 18 hours a day. I dreaded being awake because of the head would throb, the room would spin, I would see white stars everywhere, and I wouldn't be able to stand for more than a few minutes without fear of fainting. And the nausea was so severe that I couldn't even brush my teeth without throwing up. I had food aversions to everything except for apples, oranges and toast. The heartburn was so bad that I would wake up at least three times in the middle of the night choking on it. Oh and I gained 65 pounds and blew into a balloon and became so fat that I couldn't even recognize myself. Just think of the worst hangover you have ever had in your life and intensify it by 100. That was how I felt for 9 months. It was THAT bad. 

Even though I felt like death, everything medically was on point. Everything with the baby was ok and we were both healthy. We did have a few blood clot scares though, as I made the mistake of flying to California during the second trimester. I thought it would be okay, but after the flight back my feet blew up like balloons and it would hurt to walk on them. I had to get numerous ultrasounds done but in the end everything turned out ok.

But as soon as I laid eyes on Valentino in the hospital, I thought, oh I am totally doing this again!! All that misery was SO worth it. I would do it over a million times actually. No big deal.

So a few months later I got pregnant again. This time around I feel much better. I am able to take care of the baby and cook and clean and walk and take showers without worrying about fainting. I am so excited to be able to do normal things again. I'll still vomit here and there, but it's nothing compared to the first pregnancy. During the second trimester I felt great. I had all this energy, life was good. The most annoying thing was not being able to travel. So naturally we were invited to three fabulous weddings in California, Italy, and London. And I couldn't go to any of them. Law of the Universe. 

During the second pregnancy I had a few scares. One was failing the glucose tolerance test. They sent me back for the second test and thankfully the results came back normal. Another scare was them finding an echogenic focus on baby's heart. The doctor said it was probably nothing but I was worried because this time around we refused to get the nuchal transulcency test done (the one that checks for down syndrome), and having an echogenic focus may be an indicator of down syndrom. I freaked out, but still knew that I wanted the baby regardless of any disorder. Thankfully at the next ultrasound appointment they said the focus went away on its own and baby looks fine. 

While it's great to have two kids so close in age, back to back pregnancies kind of generally just suck. I was lucky that Valentino was a great sleeper and easy going, and that I felt much better during my second pregnancy. But not everyone is that lucky.  I know a few women who's subsequent pregnancies got worse and worse, which makes it that much harder to care for your baby or babies. 

One issue I had with back to back pregnanices was pelvic pain in the third trimester. Bad pelvic pain in addition to the normal aches and pains are making me crazy. It hurts to walk, get in and out of bed, and especially turn over. Turning over in bed sends sharp pains to the pelvis that are so bad that I scream. The doctor said this is a side effect of having back to back pregnancies. Apparently this is because after you give birth your pelvis needs time to shrink back, and if you get pregnant again before it has time to shrink back then you're in for a lot of pain. I know of a woman who had this pain so bad during her third pregnancy that she couldn't even walk. She had to be wheelchaired around. Yikes. 

Another big issue with back to back babies- WEIGHT GAIN! This is the worst of them all. I am now OBESE. I don't recognize myself....and I struggle fitting into a size 18 dress. I gained ten sizes and 70 pounds. After this baby is born I really need to get rid of all this weight. Whenever I look at my old pictures I want to cry. Did I really look like that? How did I turn into this obese person?? Now I just avoid taking any pictures because I just can't handle seeing a double chin, flabby arms, and stretch marks everywhere. Whenever I look in the mirror I want to throw up. It's sad. I can't wait until I'm post partum and can begin losing weight. 

If you are thinking of having back to back babies, don't let this post scare you. Even though I'm in a permanent exhausted state, and even though I can barely walk and am super fat, I totally feel like all this is worth it. I'm giving baby Valentino not only a sibling but a best friend, someone he can grow up with, play with and love. I just love that they will be so close in age. 

I just want this baby out already. I cannot wait to meet him <3 


Our First Thanksgiving with Valentino

This year, and pretty much every year, we have celebrated Thanksgiving at my moms. Valentino was invited too this year....

Valentino eating turkey

My mom loves a good table spread, how yummy is this??

These are some Thanksgiving photos pre Valentino:

My Glucose Tolerance Test Drama

Sooo a month ago I had to take the glucose tolerance test. I took one last year when I was pregnant with Valentino and passed it. So naturally this time around, because I've been eating a lot less sugar, I thought I would pass it again.

And then I failed it.

I went into labcore and had to drink that sugary orange drink, then wait an hour and have a blood test. Then a week later the doctor called, said I failed it, and that I had to take the three hour glucose tolerance test. 

If there is one thing I am afraid of in this world, it is needles. I'm deathly afraid of needles. I have needle phobia. My husband says I'm just foofool and need to get over it, but I can't. So when I found out I have to take the 3 hour test (where they poke you 4 times), I had a panic attack. More like a heart attack. 

I just knew that I would fail this test also, have gestational diabetes, and have to prick my fingers daily for the rest of my life. My mom had gestational diabetes during her second pregnancy, and I have a family history of diabetes. It also doesn't help that I have a sweet tooth and eat sugary carbs like it's no ones business. So instead of worrying about my health and how it would impact the baby, I just started freaking out over having my blood drawn. It got to the point where it would affect my sleep and give me nightmares. Nightmares of having to prick my finger every day, having the people at labcore mess up and having to be poked 10 times instead of 4. I was a mess. I contemplated not going and just skipping the test altogether. 

And then one day I slapped some sense into myself. I thought, this is just getting ridiculous. I'm going to make that appointment, get the test done with, and if I have diabetes then so be it. The good thing that may come out of it is that I would systematically desensetize myself from being poked so much that I won't be afraid anymore. 

So I made that appointment, went in with the support of my husband, and just got it done. I had to fast and give a blood sample before I drank the sugary drink, then every hour for three hours afterwards as well. They took blood from my right arm first (the inside of my elbow) and then three more times on the left arm (all on the same spot, on the inside of my elbow).

Looking back, the needles were nothing compared to how that sugary drink made me feel. Half an hour after I drank it, I felt like death. I got severe nausea, was gagging, having hot and cold sweats, shaking and feeling like I was going to faint. Apparently this is normal, and they had a room there for me to lay down and hold a bag for vomiting. This sugary drink had double the amount of sugar in it than the drink I had during the one hour glucose test. I really thought I was dying. It was that bad. 

But then a week later, I got a call from the doctors saying i PASSED!!!!! I didn't have gestational diabetes!!!!!! 

So i did a happy dance....and slept much better that night. 

My Pumpkin

This year for Halloween I kind of checked out. Being in my last trimester of pregnancy along with taking care of a baby makes things difficult. During the second semester I had all these grand plans for Valentino's first Halloween.... like getting him multiple costumes, having photo shoots, taking him all around the neighborhood trick or treating, decorating pumpkins with him, going to the pumpkin patch, etc.

Then came along third trimester and all that prevailed was my desire to sleep. 

We didn't even have a pumpkin outside our house! I felt really bad about that, so I compensated by giving all the neighborhood kids a TON of candy. I pretty much threw candy at everyone. I had to do this because otherwise I would eat all the leftover candy, feel sick, and then get gestational diabetes. 

I did manage to get Valentino a costume and take him trick or treating just to our neighbors houses. He was the cutest pumpkin. Although I didn't let him eat any of his candy, for the entire night he carried around a butterfinger bar and absolutely refused to give it to me. 

How cute is he??