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Valentino's First Birthday Party: A Winter Onederland

This past weekend Valentino celebrated his first birthday. We had a winter onederland theme for him as he's a December baby and his favorite cartoon is this:

He actually missed half of his own party because he was napping. Around 35 people came, including a bunch of kids. He had a blast and ended the night running pretty much naked around the house. 

Here are some photos I took:

Winter Onederland Leila Rahmanian Boy Birthday Party

Winter Onederland Leila Rahmanian Boy Birthday Party

Here is Valentino looking all dapper in his new suit. We just woke him from his nap, and he's looking around at everything like "Where did all this come from??" :P

Winter Onederland Leila Rahmanian Boy Birthday Party

This frame is from Home Goods. It's actually a mirror. I then bought a foam chalkboard from Michaels and glued it on there. 

Winter Onederland Leila Rahmanian Boy Birthday Party

So I searched 3 different Walmarts until I found this life size Santa. He sings and dances, and in Spanish too! He was a hit with the kids, but Valentino was terrified of him :-/

Winter Onederland Leila Rahmanian Boy Birthday Party

I've been looking for tot tables and chairs for the longest time, and finally found these at Costco. I had to go to two different Costcos to get them, and they were pretty much all sold out. We got the last of what was left. Costco is super annoying in that they will bring something you love, and then take it away and you will never see it again. You can't just leave and "think about it" and come back later. I have a love-hate relationship with Costco. 

Winter Onederland Leila Rahmanian Boy Birthday Party

I am obsessed with this cake. I kind of splurged on it but it was so worth it. It looked even better in real life and tasted yummy too. I designed it and ordered it from Fluffy Thoughts Bakery in McLean: I always order my cakes for any occasion from there. Lara Stuckey is so talented....she brings my vision to life and makes it look better than what it looked like in my head.  

Winter Onederland Leila Rahmanian Boy Birthday Party

I picked up these cupcakes from Giant. I stuck snowman candy that I found at Walmart on them. These pretty much cost me nothing, but they still looked super cute. Score! 

Winter Onederland Leila Rahmanian Boy Birthday Party

Quince catering boutique northern va winter onederland

My mom did the catering. She has her own catering business: I wanted a simple menu, with food that didn't need heating up. We had different sandwiches, a shrimp platter, berry salad, veggies and dip, baguette, crackers, and this really yummy chicken potato salad. How cute is the cheese ball snowman? It was delish. We also got Costco pizza for the kiddos. 

Quince Catering Boutique Northern VA Winter Onederland Birthday PArty

Quince Catering Boutique northern va winter onederland

I loved the paper straws. I don't even think anyone used them but still they were too cute. Got them from this etsy shop (BTW- Etsy is my new best friend)

Winter Onederland Leila Rahmanian Boy Birthday Party

Prosecco with a splash of Curacao for the color. This was for the adults, obviously. 

Winter Onederland Leila Rahmanian Boy Birthday Party

My mom helped me with the flowers. The white stuff in the vase is fake snow. Aren't they gorgeous? I love the blue ribbon. I wanted white roses, carnations, and hydrangeas. You can't really see it here but there's also some blue tulle in there.

Winter Onederland Leila Rahmanian Boy Birthday Party

These are also from Etsy:

These aren't the printable kind. I wanted something durable that would stick well, be waterproof and wouldn't be ruined easily. Love the Birthday Facts on the back: 

Winter Onederland Leila Rahmanian Boy Birthday Party cake smash

Halfway through the party we had Valentino change into his cake smash outfit. He looked so good in it. We got the birthday hat, tie and diaper cover. Got it from Etsy:

I made the smash cake, and he didn't even smash it. He just kind of looked at it, pointed at it, and then got upset that his fingers were sticky with frosting. So I gave him some cake with a fork and he was happy.  

Winter Onederland Leila Rahmanian Boy Birthday Party

Just us three. Four actually, but baby #2 isn't coming out for another two weeks. 

Winter Onederland Leila Rahmanian Boy Birthday Party

Goody bag table, but instead of goody bags all the kids got a teddy bear and some bubbles.

Winter Onederland Leila Rahmanian Boy Birthday Party

So that's that. My baby boy is ONE! I can't believe it. Excuse me while I go cry in the corner. Will someone please work on freezing time for me?

A Letter to my one year old big boy Valentino

Dear Valentino,

Happy Birthday my love! I love you so so so so much!  Your first year flew by without any major accidents (knock on wood) and you managed to get by a whole year without getting sick once! Let's try and keep this up!

 You are such a pleasant baby, but you weren't always like this. For the first two months of your life you really made us work, keeping us up all night with your horrifically loud screams and cries. Daddy and I had to wear earphones while soothing you, and daddy would drive in circles with you in the car just to get u to sleep. But as soon as the car would stop at a red light you went back to screaming :p We even thought you may be a colic baby. You more than made up for all those long sleepless nights starting your third month, and you have slept a full nights sleep without waking us up (for the most part) ever since.

You have soared in your developmental milestones, even though you had a rough patch during your first two months. Because I was unable to produce much breast milk, you went starving for too long. I promise you that you will never go hungry again.

You were able to roll after two weeks, and you were crawling at three months. By five months you were pulling yourself up to a standing position (and then you would get stuck standing, not knowing how to get back down, and then cry) and by 9 months you were taking your first steps. By ten months you were running. By month 12 you have started trying to climb onto furniture and out of your crib.

You started eating solid foods at 5 months. You eat all kinds of healthy foods and while daddy and I hardly cook for ourselves, we always make sure to cook the healthiest organic foods for you. You love all kinds of foods (except for avocados) and you absolutely love chomping on crunchy snacks with your front teeth. Your first tooth popped out at 5 months, and by the time you turned 1 you had 7 cute little teeth!

Ever since you were a newborn, you had this thing about pointing your finger at people. You would point at anyone and everyone. You also love poking people on the nose. Including Sir Edward. 

You absolutely love playing with and chasing Sir Edward. Sir Edward loves you as well and let's you pull his ears and poke him in the face. You enjoy your extracurricular activities (you started Chinese classes and swimming classes when you were 9 months old) and you love socializing with your classmates.

At home you spend your days with much independent play time, reading time, and wrestling time with your daddy when he finishes work. You look to your mommy whenever you need something (food, sleep or a new diaper). You love taking baths in your big rubber ducky bath, and you don't even flinch when water gets in your eyes. When the weather is nice outside you love taking walks around the neighborhood and in Reston town center, where you like to eat mommys frozen yogurt. Sir Edward is always vigilant in protecting you during our afternoon walks.

 As a personality, you are an overall happy baby who fusses minimally. You love strangers (not sure if that's a good thing) and you love playing with your grandparents and auntie Sara. Your favorite song is "row row row your boat" and your first word was "row". You love clapping and you do this funny dance where you bend your knees and kind of look like you're doing squats while clapping your hands. You love having conversations with us in baby talk (ga, gaga, da, dada, zhe, nanana, mmmm, row row row row, yayaya). Whenever you're concentrating on something you point at it and make this loud monster like noise ( that sounds like : eegggghhhhhhhh).

You love reading books, but rather than reading them, you prefer to eat them, so I'll have to hide them away from you and only bring them out during reading time. You also like chomping on your crib, and we have even noticed chipped paint from around the windows in your room. I asked you about it once and you pointed at Sir Edward. But we both know who's guilty. You little woodchuck.

 Happy first birthday, Valentino! You have brought so much happiness and love into our lives. For you I have big dreams…. And while I wish for you to become an ambitious go getter and president of the United States one day, I will be the happiest in the world if you just continue being good, know your right from wrong, and always do the right thing.


I love you to the moon and back.


Love always,


Mom and dad  

baby boy cake smash

baby boy cake smash

baby boy cake smash