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How to make a floral bouquet

Making floral bouquets take some practice and patience. They aren't the easiest to make, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes very fun. 

Here's step by step insturctions on how to make a floral bouquet, wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquet, or whatever you want to call it. 

Step 1: Get your supplies ready. Get some floral tape. You can get these at Micheals. You may think you got the wrong kind since it's not sticky, but don't worry. It only becomes sticky when you stretch it and wrap it around the stems. To make any bouquet you need this tape. 

floral tape

You will also need your choice of flowers, ribbon, floral clippers, and some pins. 

Step 2: Take 3 flowers and bunch them together. This will be the center of your bouquet. 

how to make a floral bouquet

BTW- from this picture you probably can tell that I'm using fake hydrangeas. I couldn't find any hydrangeas at the grocery store, and hydrangeas are always the first flowers to die in a bouquet. So I just bought some from Micheals. 

Step 3: Keep adding flowers around the center flowers. Hold the stems tight in one hand, and add the flowers with your other hand. At times it may look lopsided or like one side has more flowers than the other. Keep adjusting them until you get the look your after. Don't rush this part. 

how to make a floral bouquet

bridal bouquet bridesmaid bouquet wedding bouquet

Step 4: Once you are happy with the shape of your bouquet, hold it tight with one hand, and start wrapping the stems really tightly with the floral tape in your other hand. You need a really firm grip for this part. Before I wrapped mine up, I spruced it up with some pearl-wire-thingys I found at Micheals. 

floral bouquet with pearls

floral bouquet pearls

wrap bouquet with floral tape

how to make a floral bouquet bridal bouquet

Step 5: Clip the stems to your desired length. 

how to make your own wedding flowers

Step 6: Wrap your ribbon around the stems. Start wrapping from the top then work your way to the bottom. Wrap it very tightly. When you're done wrapping, cut the ribbon and secure it with a pin. 

how to make a bridal bouquet

how to make a bridal bouquet wedding bouquet

Oops I didn't cover some of the tape. Make sure to cover all the tape with your ribbon. 

Step 6: Prettify your ribbon. I pinned a little flower on mine, but you can put anything you want, like multiple pearl pins in a verticle line, a trinket, a locket, a tiny frame with a picture in it, a bow, or more ribbon flowing down. 

prettify a bridal bouquet accessories

And that's it! Admire your finished product.

how to make a bridal bouquet

This bouquet used up 3 fake hydrangeas and around 16 roses from the grocery store. I had some leftover roses that used to make other arrangements. The whole thing costed me about $45. Purchasing a bouquet like this one from a florist would at minimum cost you $150. 

bridal bouquets do it yourself diy


How to get your toddler to eat

I am lucky that Valentino is a good eater. He is now almost 18 months, and for the most part he loves eating. Sometimes, however, he will get picky and refuse new foods that I introduce or that look different. So then I have to get creative and trick him. Sometimes my tricks will work, and sometimes they won't. Sometimes kids just aren't hungry and it's better to give up than trying to force feed. When they are really hungry, they will eat. 

Here are some tips that have worked for me:

  • Buy fun plates and cutlery. Make the whole eating process fun, and make it look appealing. If it looks good, then it will probably taste good, thinks the baby. 

  • When giving something new, start out with giving them a tiny peice. You don't want to overwhelm them with a big bite of something they're not familiar with. They will most likely spit it out. 

  • Have the whole family eat at the dinner table at the same time. Make sure your baby is hungry, and then start eating whilst he waits for his food. This works almost every time for me. Make your baby feel left out. Make him ask for it and really want it. Then after a few minutes be like "Oh you're hungry? Ok, here you go!" 

  • Try adding some condiments. Valentino loves plain yogurt. When he's refusing to eat, I'll dab some yogurt onto his food, put it in a new plate and get a new fork. Then I will pretend that it's different food. I will pretend to eat it while ignoring him. Then he will look at me curiously and eventually he will complain about wanting some. 

  • Never, ever force feed. That will just make it worse. Instead, ignore them. Give them more time to become hungrier. Then try again later. Don't keep offering food after he refuses it the first time. Just wait it out and try again later.  

  • Try the "hiding" technique. Take a food that your toddler loves, chop some foods that he doesn't like so much, and then hide it in the food he loves. Valentino won't eat green beans and spinach on their own, but if I sneakily chop them up and mix them in his rice and yogurt, then he will eat them and he will eat all of them! This is the best trick ever. 

  • Place the food in front of your toddler, then all of a sudden grab it and eat it yourself. Repeat several times. Then your toddler will get angry and think "That's MINE!" This works every time. 

These are some food Valentino finds palatable. I'm trying to get him to eat on his own with a spoon or fork, but that doesn't seem to be going so well. Wish me luck on that. 

toddler food

toddler food

toddler food

toddler food

toddler food

toddler food

toddler food

toddler food

toddler food

toddler food

toddler food

Hope this helped!