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Purple and White Roses and Calla Lillies

A few days ago my husband comes home from Costco with a surprise:

roses and calla lillies white and purple bouquet wedding

That seriously made my day. 

Once babies were napping, I submerged myself into the wonderful world of roses and calla lillies, and made these:

white and purple wedding flowers bouquet

white and purple wedding flowers bouquet

white and purple wedding flowers bouquet

white and purple wedding flowers bouquet

white and purple wedding flowers bouquet

I bet you can tell that I used some hydrangeas too. They are fake. I bought them from Michaels and I have them lying around to enhance any flowers I'm playing with. They look real though, no?

And this is Caspian just hanging out, waiting for dinner.

setting table for dinner

A birthday and a haircut

About a month ago, my little sister turned 21. That made me feel really OLD! Had I not had kids, our plan would have been to kidnap her, get a table with bottle service at the club and watch her dance on tables and pour vodka down her throat. Then afterwards I would have held her hair back while she pukes it all up in the bathroom. BUT- my sister is civilized, so she had a cute little get together at Cafe Renaissance to celebrate. 

My mom seriously makes the prettiest table settings. How cute is this?! 

Cafe Renaissance Quince Catering Boutique

My mom has her own catering company, Quince Catering Boutique, that not only offers fantastic food- but beautiful presentation as well. Food just tastes better when you present it fancy, and mom is all about fancy. 

How gorgeous is my sister?

Cafe Renaissance Vienna VA

I love this family.

Cafe Renaissance Vienna VA

Cafe Renaissance Vienna VA

Notice how Valentino's hair is out of control. So soon after this get together I took him to get a hair cut at this store in Fair Oaks mall called Cartoon Cuts. This place was AMAZING. 

They sat him down on this booster seat thing, buckled him up, put some toy cars in his lap, and put on peppa pig on the TV in front of him. He literally didn't budge during the entire haircut. The lady was able to spray his hair wet and cut it, all without him budging an inch. He literally froze, probably because he is obsessed with Peppa Pig. 

Then after his haircut, when we put him in the stroller, he started to cry. He wanted to go back!! I couldn't believe it. What kid cries to go back to having his hair cut?

Cartoon Cuts Fair Oaks Mall

Cartoon Cuts Fair Oaks Mall

Cartoon Cuts Fair Oaks Mall

I couldn't get over it. You really have to be a parent to understand what a big deal it is- for your 1 year old to love a haircut. It's a BIG deal. 

I love him so much.

Resuming Ketosis

So the last time I wrote anything other than a "how to" post it was when I had a miscarriage, which was about a month and a half ago. 

Since having the miscarriage, I've been feeling surprisingly well. Yes, having a miscarriage sucks, but no, it is not the end of your life. The weeks following the miscarriage were easier than I expected. I expected to be a mess and have postpartum issues (like turning a little psychotic, depressed, etc) but surprisingly it had the opposite effect on me. I became very excited to continue dieting and couldn't wait to start my weekly weigh-ins. The first week after the miscarriage was difficult though. Not the emotional aspect so much as the physical. I didn't feel sad but I felt exhausted! I bled for a week straight and would get dizzy every time I stood up. I was constantly tired, had headaches and was physically exhausted. For four days I slept and ate breakfast lunch and dinner in bed. I'm not going to lie- it was AWESOME having Salar do everything. I felt tired, but like I was on vacation. He would bring me room service daily and took care of the kids. I kind of loved it. Then after a week I was back to my old self. 

Two weeks later both me and Salar started our Ketogenic diet again (after a month of eating carbs on the excuse that I was pregnant). During those two months of being pregnant, I gained 10 pounds. Now it's been a little over a month that I have been dieting, and I've lost everything I gained during those two months of being pregnant. We did get sick with the keto flu after about two weeks of starting this diet again. I would become dizzy, would nearly faint, and would get heart palpatations. All that went away by the third week. 

I started this diet after I fully recovered from my c section in March. I weighed 204 pounds. Now I'm in my 170's! WOOHOO!!!! (Never in my life would I have thought to become ecstatic about weighing 170-something) I still have about 30 more pounds to go but I'm kind of half way to my goal weight. I'm so impatient though....I want to be skinny NOW! I can't expect to have back to back pregnancies and still look like my twenty-something self (that's what I tell myself every day).

What helps? Having no carbs in the house. I'm not sure I could do this if we had cakes and cookies around. I'm not sure I could do this diet if I were still a student or if I had to work outside the home. Being a stay at home mom makes this diet easier. I don't see junk food, therefore I don't eat junk food. I'm not sure I could survive while looking at someone eating a piece of cake. That would seriously make me cry. So I make Salar do all the grocery shopping, and he sticks to the list I give him. This is what a Costco run looks like when you're on a Keto diet:

Ketogenic grocery haul Keto Ketosis

Who knew you can lose a ton of weight while eating all that...and this.......

Morton's Reston town center



How to make Keto friendly Cheesecake Cupcakes

These cupcakes are how I survive this ketogenic diet. They are so easy to make. I kind of just made up the ingredients and every time I make it I may add a bit more of something or a bit less of something. These cupcakes have very little carbs, lots of fat, and are soooooo yummy!!! 


24 oz Philadelphia Cream Cheese 

1/2 cup Truvia

1/2 cup sugar free vanilla Starbucks syrup

2 Tbsp heavy sour cream

4 eggs

Step 1: Make sure your cream cheese is room temperature. I always forget to leave my cream cheese out beforehand, so I just microwave it until it's slightly warm. If you do this make sure you don't accidentally melt it. 

The cream cheese I buy from Costco comes in a 48 oz bucket. I dump half the cream cheese in a big mixing bowl. You don't have to be too exact with the ounces.

Keto friendly cheesecake cupcakes

Step 2: Mix with blender until it's smooth and looks like this

Keto friendly cheesecake cupcakes

Step 3: Add half a cup of Truvia (or your desired sugar free sweetner)

Keto friendly cheesecake cupcakes

Step 4: Add half a cup of Starbucks sugar free vanilla syrup. I purchase the syrups from their website. If you go into a Starbucks and buy it they won't give you a pump, but if you order it from their website then it comes with a free pump:

I am obsessed and live for these sugar free syrups. I have them in my morning tea and hubby has them in his coffee every day. It's like having our own Starbucks at home

Starbucks sugar free syrups

Keto friendly cheesecake cupcakes

Step 5: Add 2 Tbsp of heavy sour cream

Keto friendly cheesecake cupcakes

Step 6: Blend together with mixer until smooth. During this step I always taste the batter to see if it's sweet enough for me. Better to taste it before you add the eggs. 

Keto friendly cheesecake cupcakes

Step 7: Add 4 eggs. I always crack the eggs into a small bowl so that if a peice of shell drops I can easily fish it out, then I'll dump it into the mixture. Mix until smooth. 

Keto friendly cheesecake cupcakes

Keto friendly cheesecake cupcakes

Step 8: Add cupcake liners into your cupcake pans and pour in mixture. You will have enough batter for more than 24 cupcakes, or enough for 12 cupcakes and a medium size baking pan. 

Keto friendly cheesecake cupcakes

Step 9: Put in oven at 350 degrees for about half an hour or until a toothpick comes out clean from the center. 

Step 10: Set out to cool for an hour and then refigerate for three hours or until chilled. It will probably sink in the middle, and I haven't found a fix for this. It still tastes really good though. 

Keto friendly cheesecake cupcakes

Before I eat it, I may sprinke some cinnamon on it, or put a dollup of heavy whip cream on top. Then I devour it. 

Keto friendly cheesecake cupcakes