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Caspian Turns Two!

Caspian has recently turned two! I cannot get over it, what happened to my little baby? He's a big boy now! 

We had a little family celebration on his birthday, and earlier in the month he had a joint birthday party with Valentino. 

This past year Caspian has made so much progress in all areas. Initially I was really worried about him being a late walker and being super wobbly (he still is quite wobbly) but he has gotten so much sturdier and climbs and jumps around like a little monkey. His vocabulary is also flourishing, and he basically repeats everything he hears! We call him a parrot. His favorite words are: shadow, cars, apple, yucky, Tino, and indeed! His dad taught him indeed- he says it with so much enthusiasm it's hilarious. The other night I even heard him count to 6, I couldn't believe it! 

Every day Caspian looks more and more like his paternal grandfather. So much so that hubby has started calling him "Dad." :) Caspian has quite a few nicknames. Our favorite one is "Bobby duck." He just looks like a bobby, and he walks like a duck, and i don't know why but it just suits him. Then Valentino picked up on that and he now thinks Caspian's name is Bob. We just go along with it too, as Caspian isn't the easiest of names for a toddler :) 

One thing I love about Caspian is his love for music. He sings along to nursery rhymes and I constantly find him bopping his head to house music in the car. Of course he also enjoys his classical music. This has worked out well for me as I have planned for him to be first chair violinist in the orchestra when he is older. No pressure Caspian!

Caspian also loves to eat. His favorite foods are raspberries and yogurt. At school he will steal his classmates raspberries and quickly stuff them in his mouth. He is also quite the charmer, and his teacher told us he seems to have a girlfriend already :) 

Happy Birthday Caspian! We all love you so much <3 

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Our 2016 Christmas Celebrations

This year our Christmas celebrations were very low key and simple, yet joyous. Being in the third trimester I had to scale back a lot this year, and it still kicked my butt. Last year I wasn't pregnant, and I put up 7 Christmas trees and fully decorated the house in November. This year I struggled decorating the one Christmas tree that we put up, on midnight Christmas Eve. We almost came to the conclusion that we would have to skip Christmas this year, as we were all so sick. Me and hubby caught a bug from the kids that resembled the flu, and it affected me more as I already had an abundance of annoying pregnancy symptoms. All of us were stuck at home with fevers, sore throats and aches and pains. I vomited every day and had to go to the hospital because I couldn't breathe. Christmas almost didn't happen! BUT..... we toughed it out and I managed to decorate the tree, prepare a nice dinner, wrap the presents, and hubby put together the outdoor Christmas decorations, all just in time! I think I enjoyed it that much more knowing how hard me and hubby worked and pushed ourselves to make it special for the kids. They had the best time of their lives and that just made it so worth it for us. Hubby spent a lot of time and energy decorating our deck and turning it into a winter wonderland with lights! Every night the kids would run around the house super excited about the outdoor decorations. Valentino calls our huge inflatable Christmas bear "Mismis bear" and the snowman "owman" and the Christmas tree "Mismis tree"! Caspian's favorite thing to do is stare out all the windows to look at the lights, and he also likes to grab at the lights on the Christmas tree. He's so naughty. They melt my heart. 

Here's a peek!

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Christmas dinner table

Christmas table setting ideas

Christmas dinner ideas

Christmas table setting ideas

Christmas dinner ideas table setting

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Christmas dinner ideas table setting

outdoor Christmas decoration ideas inflatables

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Meadowlark's Winter Walk of Lights

The night before we officially started potty training Valentino, we thought we should celebrate the last night of being able to go anywhere for a very long time, and so we went to see Meadowlark Botanical Garden's Winter Walk of Lights! 

We bundled up the kids with multiple layers, hat, mittens and the works, and went off to see the lights. 

We met up with Valentino and Caspian's school friends, and enjoyed a nice walk in what seemed like subfreezing tempertatures. It was SO cold! We had bundled up Caspian so much that he could hardly move! It was cute. It was bitter cold at first, but once we started walking it helped to warm up.

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens winter walk of lights

The kids loved the lights! I don't think they minded the cold either. Valentino would point to everything and name the colors of the lights. He got probably 4 out of 5 correct. Yay for progress! 

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens winter walk of lights

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens winter walk of lights

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens winter walk of lights

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens winter walk of lights

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens winter walk of lights

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens winter walk of lights

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens winter walk of lights

Fun Filled Birthday Weekend!

Valentino and Caspian recently had a fun filled birthday weekend. It was three days in a row of non stop celebrating. By the end of the weekend I couldn't feel my feet! 

Valentino had recently turned 3, and Caspian will turn 2 very soon. They are both December babies, so we always celebrate their birthdays together. This year we threw them a party at an indoor playground, and they absolutely loved it. 

We started out the weekend celebrating Valentino's birthday at home by getting his favorite dinner to go and eating cake. In addition to celebrating their birthdays together, they each also have a small family only celebration on the actual date of their birth. They both also have a small celebration at school as well. 

celebrating birthday at school

So Valentino is still kind of scared of balloons, but he's getting better at it. He definitely thinks they are alive, but he does enjoy looking at them (just not touching :) Caspian will gladly grab them and tear them apart.

three year old boy birthday party

Throughout the weekend Valentino would say "BIRFDAY!" over and over again, and then he would (attempt) to sing the birthday song, and then would constantly clap for himself. Caspian then copies everything that Valentino says and does, and it's just the cutest thing when they both try to sing happy birthday together and then clap their hands together and say yaaaay!!!! We call Caspian a parrot because he repeats everything he hears! 

The day after our little celebration for Valentino, we were invited to Valentino and Caspian's classmates birthday party. They had a Winter Wonderland theme. I LOVE that birthday theme. Valentino's first birthday was also a winter wonderland theme! They had a fake snow play area for the kids that Valentino loved. He was making snowballs and snow angels and had completely covered himself from head to toe with fake snow. Caspian thought it was scary and refused to play in it. He's so funny. 

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Then the following day we celebrated the kids's joint birthday party! All of their school friends came and they had such a fun time running around the playground. We were nuts and booked the place for four hours to accomodate everyone's nap schedules. By the end of the four hours Valentino's face was bright red from all that running around, and Caspian was so tired he had passed out. 

chibis indoor playground ashburn va birthday parties

I had so much fun putting together the goody bags.....How cute are these guys?

winter goody bag ideas

I am glad the kids enjoyed their birthday weekend. We still have one more small family birthday celebration yet to come for Caspian. Watching them run around and laugh and play with their friends literally melts my heart. I love them so much and wish they could always be this happy in life. 

I cannot believe another year has passed and my babies are no longer babies :( Every day they are learning something new. They both just blow my mind with the progress they have made in such a short span of time. 

Our next challenge is potty training Valentino before baby #3 arrives.....and having baby #3 arrive. 

Wish me luck for both!