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Summer time picnic!

Why does summer always fly by so fast? I felt like it was just yesterday when I was planning all these fantastic and fun activities for the kids, and then BAM, school starts, we are back to our super structured routines, and that doesn't leave time for much fun. Because Caspian has started school (he's in the same toddler montessori program as Valentino now), he has to now skip his morning nap that he is used to taking around 11am. This means that we have to start getting ready for bed now every night at 6pm so the kids can be in bed by 7! Before having kids I would think parents who put their kids to bed this early were nuts. I totally get it now. 

I wish the summer lasted a little longer and we had more time to go on family outings. The kids still had a really good time, doing things like attending birthday parties, going to the neighborhood playground and pool, and family picnics!

Now time to plan for fall activities! 

Here are some pics of a family picnic we had on father's day. This was the first time we realized that Valentino is afraid of balloons. He thinks they are alive and gets scared when they fly up. He is hilarious. 

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