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Grumpy pet rabbit

Ever since Valentino was little, I've never heard him call our dog, Sir Edward, a dog. Instead he points at other dogs and calls out "DOG!" 

So I thought this was weird, since he's really into other people's dogs, but doesn't say "doggy" or "woof woof" at our own dog.

Then one day I saw him chasing Sir Edward around the house pointing at him and screaming "RABBIT!" 

I mean, he does kind of have similarities to a rabbit no? Those ears tho! It's a french bulldog thing.

french bulldog funny pic

Sir Edward rarely barks, is super quiet, and constantly has a grumpy face. He also has this pompous look about him. He sits there all day with his nose up and it kind of looks like he's staring down at me.....with his head up straight and his eyes following me around everywhere I go, kind of like he's judging me. Yes, my dog pretty much intimidates me. 

Hubby calls him a pervert because sometimes at night we find him lurking in dark corners and breathing heavily. He also always gives side eye. He is SO weird. We still love him though. 

funny french bulldog

He's also really weird about his eating. When we fill his bowl with food he will stare at us and wait until we are out of sight to start eating. I'm not sure if he thinks that we will steal his food? He then takes three kibbles from his bowl, takes them across the room, puts them down and then eats them. He repeats this until he's done. During Christmas time he has a tendency to hide his food behind the Christmas tree. He always does this. 

His favorite thing is to do is steal his dads socks and play predator with them. He also enjoys hanging out with his dad and helping him (or distracting him) with work......

funny french bulldog

funny french bulldog

Even though he's grumpy and strange, we still love him. He would never hurt a fly and loves the kids. And they love their pet rabbit. 

french bulldog and kids

french bulldog and toddlers

Happy Persian New Year!

Happy Persian New Year everyone! 

This has always been one of my favorite times of the year. Seriously though, how fun is this holiday?? Two weeks of fun including jumping over fires (yes- that's actually a thing), setting up a haft-seen table, spring cleaning, cooking and eating, buying new clothes, coloring eggs, and picnicking are such a great way to start off the new year and beginning of Spring. 

I always prefer making new year resolutions during Nowruz instead of the New Year's in January. I'm lucky I have two New Years to celebrate, and a second chance at a do over in case I butcher my January goals and resolutions. 

This year my goals are short and sweet: 

Spend more time teaching the kids, creating fun learning experiences for them  


Losing that pregnancy weight!!!!!!!!!!

I even made some goals for hubby because I'm annoying like that:

MAKE MORE $$$$$$$$ (with my support of course) 


Lose that pregnancy weight also! Isn't it funny how hubbys gain weight during their wives pregnancies too? 

So sadly we won't be celebrating Nowruz this year. I'm either a go all out or do nothing at all kind of person, and with caring for a newborn along with two toddlers, something has to give. Any spare minute I have is spent sleeping. I forgot how much work a newborn is!!!

To all those celebrating this wonderful holiday, we wish you a happy healthy and prosperous new year! 

Persian New Year haft seen norooz sabzeh

Welcome to the world, Persephone Shiraz Rahmanian

Introducing our new little bundle of joy- Persephone Shiraz Rahmanian. She was born on February 22nd and weighed 7 lbs 1 oz. She is named after the Greek mythology Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld, who's story is one of love, grief, celebration and the changing of the seasons. Her middle name is after the city in Iran known for it's poets, literature, flowers and wine. 

We are so thrilled this time to have a girl. She is so pleasant and wonderful, all I want to do all day is snuggle and squeeze her. Her nickname is garden gnome, because she's cute and funny looking like a garden gnome :) Hubby says she emits the same calm energy as I do, and she rarely cries. After two boys and a miscarriage, I didn't want to get too excited and jinx my luck. Having a girl in addition to the two boys seemed too good to be true! I was so happy for the boys to have a sister and it just seemed like the perfect addition to the family. To avoid any jinxing (as we are great believers in Sod's law) we didn't tell anyone the gender, due date or name. I didn't have a baby shower, didn't prepare the nursery until the night before her arrival, and only bought two outfits for her prior to her arrival. 

Here's hubby staying up all night putting together her room the night before..... <3 

baby nursery canopy light pink

The night before our scheduled c section I felt SO ready and excited to get this baby out. Pregnancy is such a pain in my backside that going to the hospital for a c section felt like going on a much needed vacation, where I could rest, sleep, sleep some more, and order room service. When we arrived at the hospital everything went like clockwork. Everything was as expected, timely and organized. It couldn't have gone smoother. We arrived at 5:30am, signed my life away on a bunch of forms, had an iv put in, got prepped for surgery, and the baby came out at 8:11am, crying kicking and screaming with a head full of hair and a body full of fuzz. I gave birth to a chunky monkey! We later found out that the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck twice! How terrifying! Everything turned out great though. 

Fairfax hospital c section

And here is that obligatory family c section pic. I had to force a smile as I felt like a ton of bricks were crushing my chest and shoulders. They then pumped me with meds that I spent the remainder of the day vomiting up. Apparently the more c sections you have the longer the surgery is and the worse you feel during it, or at least that's what happened to me. Oh so glad that is over :) 

fairfax hospital va c section

I still cannot believe I have a daughter. I kept staring at her after she was born like, did this just happen? Do we really have a GIRL and THREE kids now??? Holy $h!t!!!!!!! 

Persephone Shiraz Rahmanian

Leila Rahmanian

Here she is in her coming home outfit!!!! We were so excited to introduce her to her big brothers :) 

Valentino was totally welcoming and excited to have a baby join the family. Caspian was as well but he doesn't yet understand much. He thinks it's funny when she cries and imitates her cries. Valentino becomes concerned when he hears her crying and tells me that "baby is sad!!!" I have a feeling they will both be fantastic brothers. 

It's been about two weeks since we brought her home, and I've been taking it real easy, kicking my feet up and letting hubby take charge of everything. We have a great system where hubby is in charge of everything like the boys, taking them to and from school, feeding them, bathing them, doing bedtime routines, doing chores, running errands, helping me with baby feedings and bringing me breakfast lunch and dinner in bed :) In return, I try to do as many night feedings as I can so that he can get some sleep. I try to just sleep whenever baby does, but it's still hard and we are both so sleep deprived that we just look like zombies! I'm so lucky to have such an involved and helpful hubby who's mission it is to keep me as comfortable as can be! He's got this baby thing down!

Welcoming a third child has been much more relaxing than I thought it would be, and anxiety free. I was expecting chaos, stress and all hell to break loose. So far so good though. Welcoming Persephone has been one of the greatest things we have done. I feel so happy to become a mom again for the third time, and still in shock over having three kids. Knowing how fast they grow up, I spend my days holding her tight, snuggling, being grateful and just living in the moment. 

persephone rahmanian