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Easter 2017

Happy Easter! This year it was low key because I'm still trying to figure out how to care for three kids and run a household. It's getting a little easier day by day! 

Instead of going anywhere we just got some cupcakes and balloons and had a little party. My birthday falls close to Easter so we had a small celebration for that as well earlier in the month. Valentino now thinks that whenever we have cake it means that it's someone's birthday, so for Easter we had to put candles on the cupcakes and sing happy birthday to everyone. They are so silly. 

easter cupcakes birthday peeps toddlers

toddler birthday cake party

easter bunny balloons toddlers

I put together some Easter eggs for the kids's school and for themselves. I LOVE this stuff! It makes me feel like I'm 5 again. I also love dressing up my kids in suits and pretty bows! In a perfect world I would make them all wear suits and pretty dresses just for dinner time every night. 

stuffed Easter eggs for class school

stuffing easter eggs

toddlers in matching suits

newborn photography 2 month old

newborn hair bows photography girl

We saw a real bunny in our yard during Easter weekend! The kids love bunnies, and Valentino has eventaully figured out that Sir Edward is not a bunny and is, in fact, a dog!  Btw fun fact- bunny in Persian is called a "khargoosh" which literally translates to "donkey ears" Sir Edward totally has donkey ears.

Caspian Turns Two!

Caspian has recently turned two! I cannot get over it, what happened to my little baby? He's a big boy now! 

We had a little family celebration on his birthday, and earlier in the month he had a joint birthday party with Valentino. 

This past year Caspian has made so much progress in all areas. Initially I was really worried about him being a late walker and being super wobbly (he still is quite wobbly) but he has gotten so much sturdier and climbs and jumps around like a little monkey. His vocabulary is also flourishing, and he basically repeats everything he hears! We call him a parrot. His favorite words are: shadow, cars, apple, yucky, Tino, and indeed! His dad taught him indeed- he says it with so much enthusiasm it's hilarious. The other night I even heard him count to 6, I couldn't believe it! 

Every day Caspian looks more and more like his paternal grandfather. So much so that hubby has started calling him "Dad." :) Caspian has quite a few nicknames. Our favorite one is "Bobby duck." He just looks like a bobby, and he walks like a duck, and i don't know why but it just suits him. Then Valentino picked up on that and he now thinks Caspian's name is Bob. We just go along with it too, as Caspian isn't the easiest of names for a toddler :) 

One thing I love about Caspian is his love for music. He sings along to nursery rhymes and I constantly find him bopping his head to house music in the car. Of course he also enjoys his classical music. This has worked out well for me as I have planned for him to be first chair violinist in the orchestra when he is older. No pressure Caspian!

Caspian also loves to eat. His favorite foods are raspberries and yogurt. At school he will steal his classmates raspberries and quickly stuff them in his mouth. He is also quite the charmer, and his teacher told us he seems to have a girlfriend already :) 

Happy Birthday Caspian! We all love you so much <3 

caspian rahmanian

toddler birthday ideas

Fun Filled Birthday Weekend!

Valentino and Caspian recently had a fun filled birthday weekend. It was three days in a row of non stop celebrating. By the end of the weekend I couldn't feel my feet! 

Valentino had recently turned 3, and Caspian will turn 2 very soon. They are both December babies, so we always celebrate their birthdays together. This year we threw them a party at an indoor playground, and they absolutely loved it. 

We started out the weekend celebrating Valentino's birthday at home by getting his favorite dinner to go and eating cake. In addition to celebrating their birthdays together, they each also have a small family only celebration on the actual date of their birth. They both also have a small celebration at school as well. 

celebrating birthday at school

So Valentino is still kind of scared of balloons, but he's getting better at it. He definitely thinks they are alive, but he does enjoy looking at them (just not touching :) Caspian will gladly grab them and tear them apart.

three year old boy birthday party

Throughout the weekend Valentino would say "BIRFDAY!" over and over again, and then he would (attempt) to sing the birthday song, and then would constantly clap for himself. Caspian then copies everything that Valentino says and does, and it's just the cutest thing when they both try to sing happy birthday together and then clap their hands together and say yaaaay!!!! We call Caspian a parrot because he repeats everything he hears! 

The day after our little celebration for Valentino, we were invited to Valentino and Caspian's classmates birthday party. They had a Winter Wonderland theme. I LOVE that birthday theme. Valentino's first birthday was also a winter wonderland theme! They had a fake snow play area for the kids that Valentino loved. He was making snowballs and snow angels and had completely covered himself from head to toe with fake snow. Caspian thought it was scary and refused to play in it. He's so funny. 

winter wonderland theme birthday party ideas

winter wonderland birthday cake ideas

Then the following day we celebrated the kids's joint birthday party! All of their school friends came and they had such a fun time running around the playground. We were nuts and booked the place for four hours to accomodate everyone's nap schedules. By the end of the four hours Valentino's face was bright red from all that running around, and Caspian was so tired he had passed out. 

chibis indoor playground ashburn va birthday parties

I had so much fun putting together the goody bags.....How cute are these guys?

winter goody bag ideas

I am glad the kids enjoyed their birthday weekend. We still have one more small family birthday celebration yet to come for Caspian. Watching them run around and laugh and play with their friends literally melts my heart. I love them so much and wish they could always be this happy in life. 

I cannot believe another year has passed and my babies are no longer babies :( Every day they are learning something new. They both just blow my mind with the progress they have made in such a short span of time. 

Our next challenge is potty training Valentino before baby #3 arrives.....and having baby #3 arrive. 

Wish me luck for both! 

My Sister's Birthday

Two weekends ago we celebrated my sister, Sara's, 22nd birthday. She also recently graduated with a bachelor degree in marketing. I am bummed that we couldn't make the graduation. Going anywhere with two toddlers gives me hives. Nevertheless, I am so proud of her and love her so much, and so glad that we got to celebrate her birthday with her. Here are some pics, enjoy!

brunch pictures catering

poached pears red wine

brunch pictures


brunch tablescape

On 31

Last weekend I turned 31. I've only just started to wrap my head around turning 30! How does time fly by so fast? I don't understand!?!?!!

What I want for my birthday is more TIME. Time is a luxury. Time is money. I'm constantly running short of it. 

One thing I've learned about time, is that it doesn't wait for you. It doesn't wait for you to get your $h!t together. it doesn't care if you're ready or not. It just soldiers on.  

So while I cannot make a day 26 hours, I can work on prioritizing my time. That is my birthday gift to me.

leila rahmanian

We celebrated at Flemings, Morton's, and Cafe Renaissance. They all did special things for my birthday. Flemings gave a box of truffles with a $25 gift card and a picture of us. Morton's gave a picture of us and a free dessert (which we just gave to the kids), and Cafe Renaissance / my parents, gave a bouquet of flowers, balloons and a Ketogenic friendly sugar free jello birthday cake. Hubby took me on a shopping spree and splurged on nice clothes. Hubby also watched the kids so that I could shower for as long as I wanted (one whole hour!!!!) Overall, it was a great birthday and I was definitely spoiled. 

cafe renaissance vienna va

cafe renaissance vienna va