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Welcome to the world, Persephone Shiraz Rahmanian

Introducing our new little bundle of joy- Persephone Shiraz Rahmanian. She was born on February 22nd and weighed 7 lbs 1 oz. She is named after the Greek mythology Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld, who's story is one of love, grief, celebration and the changing of the seasons. Her middle name is after the city in Iran known for it's poets, literature, flowers and wine. 

We are so thrilled this time to have a girl. She is so pleasant and wonderful, all I want to do all day is snuggle and squeeze her. Her nickname is garden gnome, because she's cute and funny looking like a garden gnome :) Hubby says she emits the same calm energy as I do, and she rarely cries. After two boys and a miscarriage, I didn't want to get too excited and jinx my luck. Having a girl in addition to the two boys seemed too good to be true! I was so happy for the boys to have a sister and it just seemed like the perfect addition to the family. To avoid any jinxing (as we are great believers in Sod's law) we didn't tell anyone the gender, due date or name. I didn't have a baby shower, didn't prepare the nursery until the night before her arrival, and only bought two outfits for her prior to her arrival. 

Here's hubby staying up all night putting together her room the night before..... <3 

baby nursery canopy light pink

The night before our scheduled c section I felt SO ready and excited to get this baby out. Pregnancy is such a pain in my backside that going to the hospital for a c section felt like going on a much needed vacation, where I could rest, sleep, sleep some more, and order room service. When we arrived at the hospital everything went like clockwork. Everything was as expected, timely and organized. It couldn't have gone smoother. We arrived at 5:30am, signed my life away on a bunch of forms, had an iv put in, got prepped for surgery, and the baby came out at 8:11am, crying kicking and screaming with a head full of hair and a body full of fuzz. I gave birth to a chunky monkey! We later found out that the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck twice! How terrifying! Everything turned out great though. 

Fairfax hospital c section

And here is that obligatory family c section pic. I had to force a smile as I felt like a ton of bricks were crushing my chest and shoulders. They then pumped me with meds that I spent the remainder of the day vomiting up. Apparently the more c sections you have the longer the surgery is and the worse you feel during it, or at least that's what happened to me. Oh so glad that is over :) 

fairfax hospital va c section

I still cannot believe I have a daughter. I kept staring at her after she was born like, did this just happen? Do we really have a GIRL and THREE kids now??? Holy $h!t!!!!!!! 

Persephone Shiraz Rahmanian

Leila Rahmanian

Here she is in her coming home outfit!!!! We were so excited to introduce her to her big brothers :) 

Valentino was totally welcoming and excited to have a baby join the family. Caspian was as well but he doesn't yet understand much. He thinks it's funny when she cries and imitates her cries. Valentino becomes concerned when he hears her crying and tells me that "baby is sad!!!" I have a feeling they will both be fantastic brothers. 

It's been about two weeks since we brought her home, and I've been taking it real easy, kicking my feet up and letting hubby take charge of everything. We have a great system where hubby is in charge of everything like the boys, taking them to and from school, feeding them, bathing them, doing bedtime routines, doing chores, running errands, helping me with baby feedings and bringing me breakfast lunch and dinner in bed :) In return, I try to do as many night feedings as I can so that he can get some sleep. I try to just sleep whenever baby does, but it's still hard and we are both so sleep deprived that we just look like zombies! I'm so lucky to have such an involved and helpful hubby who's mission it is to keep me as comfortable as can be! He's got this baby thing down!

Welcoming a third child has been much more relaxing than I thought it would be, and anxiety free. I was expecting chaos, stress and all hell to break loose. So far so good though. Welcoming Persephone has been one of the greatest things we have done. I feel so happy to become a mom again for the third time, and still in shock over having three kids. Knowing how fast they grow up, I spend my days holding her tight, snuggling, being grateful and just living in the moment. 

persephone rahmanian

Happy New Year! Hello 2017!

Happy New Year everyone! I don't know about you, but I am so relieved to say goodbye to 2016. It was such an unbelievable year! Everything after June (when I found out I was expecting) has been a blur!

Here's a recap of my crazy year..... 

January 2016 through May 2016 was fantastic! I felt great, the kids were doing great, hubby was doing great. We both looked thin and fantastic due to our miracle Keto diet, and so we took out our old boxes of clothes from our pre-baby days and tried everything on, and were so surprised to fit into everything!!!! We then stored all our old L and XL clothes into the buckets and sent them to the basement thinking we would never see them again.

Then on Father's Day we found out we were expecting! That was a REALLY big and wonderful surprise!!! We knew we always wanted a third child, but the timing of this completely caught us off guard. We were overjoyed and super excited about this miracle baby, who was determined to make its way into the world! 

Shortly after finding out, I was struck down with intense bouts of morning sickness that lasted a good 4 months. The entire summer of 2016 was a complete blur. I cannot even explain to you how bad it was. It was like going through 4 months of feeling like you have food poisoning, or having the worst hangover of your life. Multiple times a week I would have to pull the car over and vomit on the side of the road. It was super embarrasing. We had a live in nanny for about a month to help out, but that was short lived. To say my pregnancies are difficult is putting it very lightly. 

Also during late summer we moved house. That was right when Caspian started school, and right when I caught a bug that left me with a cough that lasted two months and I was constantly gagging and vomiting during our entire move. I was utterly miserable. 

Then around October and November 2016, something crazy happened to me! My pharmacy gave me the wrong pills in the correct prescription bottle. The wrong pills were mixed in with some of the correct pills, and they all looked the same, so I took them for the entire month until I had a few left and realized I was taking something that I wasn't supposed to. Then I discovered that the pills I was taking should not be taken by pregnant women as they CAUSE BIRTH DEFECTS. I immediately went to the doctors who informed me that due to that mistake my thyroid levels were dangerously off. Thanks a lot pharmacy! 

Because of that whole pill fiasco, during the months of November and December 2016, I had to constantly go see different doctors, write letters to multiple healthcare professionals, be tested a million times and it seemed like every few days I had a medical appointment. 

And while all this was happening, everyone was fliiping their $h!t about the presidential elections and all these celebrities dying. Because I was going through something so traumatic and irritating, I couldn't empathize with anyone who was badly effcted by the outcome of the elections and the dying celebrities. I really couldn't understand why people were making out to be the end of the world. To cry because your favorite singer died or because your favorite candidate didn't win seemed absurd to me. Is it insensitive of me to want to yell out to the world: "GET OVER IT?" Ok, maybe that's a tad bit insensitive. I will attempt to exercise more empathy. 

On a more positive note, Caspian started school in September 2016 and has really taken to it. He's in Valentino's class, and big brother looks after him :) The kids have been doing so great. Valentino has turned 3 and Caspian has turned 2 in December. They play so well together and I couldn't have asked for better kids. They eat well, sleep well, and are just overall well adjusted happy kids. Hubby takes them to school in the mornings so that I can sleep in, as the pelvic and sciatic pains keep me up all night. 

There have also been a few other things that happened this year that I am not at liberty to discuss yet, and that have impacted our lives, in the not-so-greatest of ways. We are still dealing with those things and maybe one day I'll divulge, but for now I just can't. 

We ended 2016 with the whole family being sick and a trip to the emergency room for me. I wasn't able to breathe through my nose at all for four days and then on the fifth day I couldn't even breathe from my mouth as it would cause me to gag and vomit. At nights I wouldn't be able to sleep, and would sit in a hot shower multiple times in the middle of the night so that I could breathe (I didn't sleep for 5 nights in a row!). Then when I did manage to sleep for a few minutes I would wake up suddenly gasping for air due to choking on heartburn. Oh the joys of pregnancy! 

So here's to 2017. You better have something REALLY good in store for me. I'll just be here, waiting patiently :-) 

Pregnancy Updates

I found out I was pregnant with baby #3 on Father's Day during the summer. What a fantastic Father's Day present to hubby! I AM SO EXCITED that I don't know what to do with myself. I have already planned out Valentino and Caspian's lives, now I'm working on planning out this little one's life. I have spread sheets done, activities and routines planned, and made ready a list of acceptable colleges. Tiger mom you have nothing on me. 

If pregnancy wasn't really hard on me (thanks mom, for those HORRIBLE pregnancy genes!) then I would have considered having maybe nine kids? ten? Ok jk. I really love kids though. I feel like they are little presents, wrapped in a blanket with cute little noses and chubby little cheeks. They melt my heart. Three kids who are three and under? No big deal. I got this $h!t  I thrive on routines and structure and organizing my life so that we have smooth sailing. But once a newborn shows up everything is just chaos! It's okay though, as the rough parts only last three months.

When I found out that I was pregnant I was in the state of Ketosis and on the Ketogenic diet, which I had done for over a year and had become a lifestyle. Upon finding out, I immediately stopped the diet and introduced carbs back into my diet. Eating carbs suddenly after refraining from them for over a year really gave my body a shock. That in addition to first trimester pregnancy symptoms really knocked me out for like 4 months! At first I thought, I will probably only eat healthy carbs like whole grains and fruit. That idea lasted for like two days, and then saltine crackers, plain rice and ginger ale became my best friends. 

Then I gained a lot of weight. This didn't surprise me, as most people who stop this diet gain all their weight and then some back. I'm not worried about it one bit though, because I know how to lose it all, and I know I will lose it all. So for now I can have my cake and eat it too. What a great perk of pregnancy! On the downside, however, I am already up 50 pounds and not even in the third trimester. Ok, maybe I need to back off of that cake. I can't help it though, it's what the BABY wants! 

As I'm easing my way into the third trimester I have been resting a lot and enjoying my time with my two boys until baby #3 arrives. I have been totally spoiled as hubby is now in charge of everything that I used to be in charge of. I am lucky that I don't have to work while pregnant either, and that the kids attend a fantastic montessori toddler program every day for 4 hours. The kids also do a great job of enternaining themselves and playing with each other. I love that they are so close in age, my little Irish twins.

I cannot wait to add baby #3 to the mix. Life will definitely be a lot more hectic, crazy and busy! I'm ready to say goodbye to sleep AGAIN :) Although pregnancy takes a toll on me and I feel like I have to take a year off life, what's a year of hardship compared to a lifetime of joy and happiness? Life is seriously such a gift and I'm really thankful to be blessed with this baby #3.

Resuming Ketosis

So the last time I wrote anything other than a "how to" post it was when I had a miscarriage, which was about a month and a half ago. 

Since having the miscarriage, I've been feeling surprisingly well. Yes, having a miscarriage sucks, but no, it is not the end of your life. The weeks following the miscarriage were easier than I expected. I expected to be a mess and have postpartum issues (like turning a little psychotic, depressed, etc) but surprisingly it had the opposite effect on me. I became very excited to continue dieting and couldn't wait to start my weekly weigh-ins. The first week after the miscarriage was difficult though. Not the emotional aspect so much as the physical. I didn't feel sad but I felt exhausted! I bled for a week straight and would get dizzy every time I stood up. I was constantly tired, had headaches and was physically exhausted. For four days I slept and ate breakfast lunch and dinner in bed. I'm not going to lie- it was AWESOME having Salar do everything. I felt tired, but like I was on vacation. He would bring me room service daily and took care of the kids. I kind of loved it. Then after a week I was back to my old self. 

Two weeks later both me and Salar started our Ketogenic diet again (after a month of eating carbs on the excuse that I was pregnant). During those two months of being pregnant, I gained 10 pounds. Now it's been a little over a month that I have been dieting, and I've lost everything I gained during those two months of being pregnant. We did get sick with the keto flu after about two weeks of starting this diet again. I would become dizzy, would nearly faint, and would get heart palpatations. All that went away by the third week. 

I started this diet after I fully recovered from my c section in March. I weighed 204 pounds. Now I'm in my 170's! WOOHOO!!!! (Never in my life would I have thought to become ecstatic about weighing 170-something) I still have about 30 more pounds to go but I'm kind of half way to my goal weight. I'm so impatient though....I want to be skinny NOW! I can't expect to have back to back pregnancies and still look like my twenty-something self (that's what I tell myself every day).

What helps? Having no carbs in the house. I'm not sure I could do this if we had cakes and cookies around. I'm not sure I could do this diet if I were still a student or if I had to work outside the home. Being a stay at home mom makes this diet easier. I don't see junk food, therefore I don't eat junk food. I'm not sure I could survive while looking at someone eating a piece of cake. That would seriously make me cry. So I make Salar do all the grocery shopping, and he sticks to the list I give him. This is what a Costco run looks like when you're on a Keto diet:

Ketogenic grocery haul Keto Ketosis

Who knew you can lose a ton of weight while eating all that...and this.......

Morton's Reston town center



I had a miscarriage Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

Earlier today I had a miscarriage. For the past week I've been non stop cramping, and spotting here and there. I didn't really think much of it. Then last night I noticed bright red blood and a few I thought, yikes, this doesn't look good. Then I did what anyone else would do....I immediately googled it. I've never had a miscarriage before, so I didn't know what to expect or what it would be like. Does it hurt? Is it supposed to make me emotionally unstable? Would I need surgery? Does the surgery hurt? Do I have to go to the hospital? Google didn't help me much. I basically just read a bunch of online mommy forums with moms complaining of the same symptoms and other moms advising them to go to the hospital. So then I just watched an episode of Tru Blood and then went to bed (did you know I'm obsessed with vampire shows? I'm such a teenager).

I woke up at 5 am to go to the bathroom this morning and noticed more blood that was bright red and more blood clots. Then I thought, ok, I'm definitely miscarrying, but I'm still tired. So I went back to bed.

Then a few hours later I woke up and noticed even more bleeding. So then we called the doctor. She said it's nothing to worry about unless the bleeding is as heavy as period blood, but that we can go to the hospital if we want. About an hour later, the bleeding increased, and I had begun to cramp really bad. Then we thought, ok, we should probably go to the hospital now. 

So my mom comes over to babysit the kids and we go to Fairfax Hospital. While waiting in the ER I was in excrutiating pain. My cramps were so bad that I squeezed Salar's hand till it turned blue. 

At the hospital, they put an IV in and had me pee in a cup. At this point I was bleeding heavily, and it was getting all over my blankets and gown. So gross and so messy. They took my vitals and offered me some morphine. I said no thank you to the morphine, and off I went for an ultrasound. While having an ultrasound, the technician said she couldn't tell me what she sees, and that the doctor will come talk to us about the results afterwards. They started with a regular ultrasound, and then they did a transvaginal ultrasound. It was really uncomfortable and hurt at times too. Then the doctor came, and had to do another transvaginal ultrasound because there was something they couldn't see clearly. The doctor then said that there was nothing in the uterus, and it looks like it's an early pregnancy that went wrong. He told us that there is a sac that looks like it's on it's way out. 

I then was wheeled back to my room in the ER when they told me that my blood tests came back positive for pregnancy, and that my HCG level was around 480. The ER doctor then performed a cervical exam and told me that because the cervix is still closed, I could still be pregnant, and that it's a "threatened miscarriage" which meant that there was a 50% chance of it being a miscarriage.

At this point I was annoyed. The radiologist said there wasn't anything there, and the ER doctor was telling me they're not completely sure. Then they conferred with another doctor and said it's most likely a miscarriage. They told me that my body is in the process of expelling the sac, and the cramps and blood clots are the start of it. They said this will probably continue for a few days, and recommended that I see my OBGYN in a few days time so that they can confirm that the miscarriage happened with no complications.Then they took out my IV, gave me discharge paperwork and sent us off. They said to take Tylenol on a need to basis and to rest a lot. 

A part of me feels like everyone was tiptoeing around the word miscarriage, like it's some sinister word that sends alarm bells off and will turn the expecting mother into a devastated weeping frenzy. All the medical professionals were really gentle and were constantly telling me how sorry they were and asking me if I was okay. The truth of it- was that I was perfectly fine. I didn't cry, or even shed a tear. Why? Maybe because it was my third pregnancy and because I already have two kids at home. Had it been my first pregnancy, maybe I would have felt a bigger loss. It probably would have been a bigger blow, and would have probably had me wondering if my body works like it's supposed to or if there's something wrong with me. Also- maybe I wasn't that affected because it was so early in the pregnancy. Had I been past the first trimester and expelled a fetus that looked like a small person I probably would have freaked out. 

I can't imagine what it would have been like to have a full term baby miscarriage, and have to pick out a baby coffin. THAT would have been traumatic. But expelling some blood clots here and there didn't send me over the edge. In fact, I feel like it's a normal thing. It's a natural process. My body was simple expelling a botched embryo. Maybe it didn't have the correct chromosomes, and maybe it would have turned out severly disabled had it survived. I feel like it's kind of similar to having food poisoning. Your body is getting rid of something that isn't right and that shouldn't be there. Does what I'm saying make sense? Do you get it? 

Anyways, I thought I'd share as not many people discuss miscarriage and many think it's something to be ashamed of. I feel like there's absolutely no reason to be ashamed of it and that it's a completely natural thing that sometimes happens.