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On 31

Last weekend I turned 31. I've only just started to wrap my head around turning 30! How does time fly by so fast? I don't understand!?!?!!

What I want for my birthday is more TIME. Time is a luxury. Time is money. I'm constantly running short of it. 

One thing I've learned about time, is that it doesn't wait for you. It doesn't wait for you to get your $h!t together. it doesn't care if you're ready or not. It just soldiers on.  

So while I cannot make a day 26 hours, I can work on prioritizing my time. That is my birthday gift to me.

leila rahmanian

We celebrated at Flemings, Morton's, and Cafe Renaissance. They all did special things for my birthday. Flemings gave a box of truffles with a $25 gift card and a picture of us. Morton's gave a picture of us and a free dessert (which we just gave to the kids), and Cafe Renaissance / my parents, gave a bouquet of flowers, balloons and a Ketogenic friendly sugar free jello birthday cake. Hubby took me on a shopping spree and splurged on nice clothes. Hubby also watched the kids so that I could shower for as long as I wanted (one whole hour!!!!) Overall, it was a great birthday and I was definitely spoiled. 

cafe renaissance vienna va

cafe renaissance vienna va

Happy Valentine's Day!

I had a ton of grand plans for Valentine's Day. I was going to do something fun and special for each day leading up to the 14th, but then we all got sick with the flu, and all my plans came to a halt. Me and the babies were miserable for pretty much the first half of February. 

But thankfully, we were all recovered by Valentines weekend. 

So we did some fun stuff,

like have a cupcake party.......

valentines day decoration cupcakes

valentine's day cupcakes party

And eat cake

valentines cake decorations party

And more cake.....

valentines cake ideas

Hubby surprised me with lots of flowers. Is there anything in the world prettier than flowers? I think not. 

valentines flowers ideas

With all these flowers I made pretty tablecapes. I love Valentine's Day because it's an excuse to go overboard on my favorite color: pink! 

valentines tablescape

valentines tablescapes

Valentino helped me make these little teddy bear favors for his classmates for their Valentine gram exchange party. 

valentine's favors school grams

In school, Valentino made a surprise for me and daddy for Valentine's Day. We absolutely loved it! Our little artist! 

toddler valentine's day craft

The kids had fun playing with a Valentine's sensory bin (they love this kind of stuff) and making Valentines cards for the special people in their lives. 

valentine's sensory bin toddler activities

valentine's day decorations toddler

Me and hubby had date night at home after the kids went to bed. Doing it this way is SO much better and less stressful than getting a sitter, rushing to get ready, then watching your alcohol intake because you have to drive, and then rushing back home to get back to the babies. All on the busiest weekend of the year for restaurants. 

toddler valentine's day craft valentine's date night ideas

So this year hubby was BAD and surprised me with a new purse, after me telling him a million times that I don't need anything and that we need to be more frugal. He's so bad. But it's just so pretty....... so I didn't complain too much. 

leila rahmanian

I love this purse because it's big enough to be used as a diaper bag, and has three compartments, which is perfect! One for me and one for each kid. It will soon be filled up with diapers, wipes, change of clothes, tissues, bottles and snacks. 

So that was a glimpse of this year's Valentine's weekend. Even though we didn't get to do all the things I was planning on doing with the family, it was still special. The kids loved it, hubby loved it, and that was enough to make me the happiest. I love them all so much. 

Purple and White Roses and Calla Lillies

A few days ago my husband comes home from Costco with a surprise:

roses and calla lillies white and purple bouquet wedding

That seriously made my day. 

Once babies were napping, I submerged myself into the wonderful world of roses and calla lillies, and made these:

white and purple wedding flowers bouquet

white and purple wedding flowers bouquet

white and purple wedding flowers bouquet

white and purple wedding flowers bouquet

white and purple wedding flowers bouquet

I bet you can tell that I used some hydrangeas too. They are fake. I bought them from Michaels and I have them lying around to enhance any flowers I'm playing with. They look real though, no?

And this is Caspian just hanging out, waiting for dinner.

setting table for dinner

How to make a floral bouquet

Making floral bouquets take some practice and patience. They aren't the easiest to make, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes very fun. 

Here's step by step insturctions on how to make a floral bouquet, wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquet, or whatever you want to call it. 

Step 1: Get your supplies ready. Get some floral tape. You can get these at Micheals. You may think you got the wrong kind since it's not sticky, but don't worry. It only becomes sticky when you stretch it and wrap it around the stems. To make any bouquet you need this tape. 

floral tape

You will also need your choice of flowers, ribbon, floral clippers, and some pins. 

Step 2: Take 3 flowers and bunch them together. This will be the center of your bouquet. 

how to make a floral bouquet

BTW- from this picture you probably can tell that I'm using fake hydrangeas. I couldn't find any hydrangeas at the grocery store, and hydrangeas are always the first flowers to die in a bouquet. So I just bought some from Micheals. 

Step 3: Keep adding flowers around the center flowers. Hold the stems tight in one hand, and add the flowers with your other hand. At times it may look lopsided or like one side has more flowers than the other. Keep adjusting them until you get the look your after. Don't rush this part. 

how to make a floral bouquet

bridal bouquet bridesmaid bouquet wedding bouquet

Step 4: Once you are happy with the shape of your bouquet, hold it tight with one hand, and start wrapping the stems really tightly with the floral tape in your other hand. You need a really firm grip for this part. Before I wrapped mine up, I spruced it up with some pearl-wire-thingys I found at Micheals. 

floral bouquet with pearls

floral bouquet pearls

wrap bouquet with floral tape

how to make a floral bouquet bridal bouquet

Step 5: Clip the stems to your desired length. 

how to make your own wedding flowers

Step 6: Wrap your ribbon around the stems. Start wrapping from the top then work your way to the bottom. Wrap it very tightly. When you're done wrapping, cut the ribbon and secure it with a pin. 

how to make a bridal bouquet

how to make a bridal bouquet wedding bouquet

Oops I didn't cover some of the tape. Make sure to cover all the tape with your ribbon. 

Step 6: Prettify your ribbon. I pinned a little flower on mine, but you can put anything you want, like multiple pearl pins in a verticle line, a trinket, a locket, a tiny frame with a picture in it, a bow, or more ribbon flowing down. 

prettify a bridal bouquet accessories

And that's it! Admire your finished product.

how to make a bridal bouquet

This bouquet used up 3 fake hydrangeas and around 16 roses from the grocery store. I had some leftover roses that used to make other arrangements. The whole thing costed me about $45. Purchasing a bouquet like this one from a florist would at minimum cost you $150. 

bridal bouquets do it yourself diy


How to make a floral sphere centerpice

Floral spheres are among my favorite floral centerpieces. They are perfect for any occasion- wedding, party, dinner, etc. They are also super easy to make! Seriously, there's no way you can mess them up. It's THAT easy. 

I'm going to show you how to make a floral sphere arrangement out of roses. 

Here goes!

Step 1:

Buy a 6 inch floral wet foam ball. 

Oasis floral foam wet diy

Step 2:

Get your supplies ready. You will need the following:

- 6 inch wet foam ball

- plate

- knife

- floral clippers

- big bucket or bowl filled with water

- roughly 5 dozen roses, or flowers of your choosing

do it yourself wedding flowers

Step 3:

Drop the foam ball into the water. DO NOT push it down. Let it soak up and submerge itself. If you push it down or try to rush the process then you will get pockets of air in the foam and your flowers will die faster. Let it soak for about 10 minutes. If your bowl or bucket is too small for the entire ball to submerge (like mine is) then just flip the ball over to make sure all parts of it get submerged well in the water.  

do it yourself wedding flowers

do it yourself wedding flowers

Step 4:

Remove the ball from the water. Slice a bit of the foam off with your knife so that it can sit. Then put the foam in the middle of your plate. 

do it yourself wedding flowers

Step 5:

Take your roses, and cut the stem at an angle. Leave about an inch of the stem so you can put it through the foam.

do it yourself wedding flowers

Step 6:

Push the stem through the foam. Repeat until entire foam covered in flowers:

how to make your own wedding flowers

how to make your own wedding flowers

how to make your own wedding flowers

how to make your own wedding flowers

how to make your own wedding flowers

And voila! That's it, you're done! 

You can leave it on the plate and keep it just like that, or you can put the plate on top of a vase:

how to make your own wedding flowers

You can put something or another in the vase to make it prettier....I filled it up a bit with water and stuck two roses in it:

how to make your own wedding flowers

how to make your own wedding flowers

This centerpiece used up roughly 60 roses. My roses had bigger blooms, but if the roses you get are more bunched up then you may need to get more than 60 to make sure you don't run short. It took me a little under an hour to finish it. 

I bought these roses from the grocery store, and all in all (including cost of the foam) this arrangement cost me no more than $100. Something like this purchased from a florist would cost, at minimum, around $400+

I only had roses to work with as the grocery store didn't have any nice fillers, but this arrangement would have been even prettier had I added floral fillers to it. My favorite fillers include baby's breath, dusty miller, white phlox, queen anne's lace, green hypericum and white bouvardia. 

To lower the cost of this arrangement, you can buy half the roses I used and instead fill the rest with greens, baby's breath or carnations. All of which are much cheaper than roses, and it will still turn out looking amazing. 

A few tips for brides to be who may be reading this and thinking about making their own wedding arrangements:

- DO NOT attempt to make all your floral arrangements yourself. Get help. Throw a flower making party and invite all your bridesmaids and have them all help. 

- Arrange the flowers the night before your event to ensure they are fresh and do not wilt. 

- Transporting arrangements such as these are extremely difficult, so plan for it and get help. 

- If you want to use other flowers, beware of the hydrangea. This flower does not do as well in the foam, and they tend to die faster than the other flowers. You also have to cut the stem differently than you do any other flower as they have a thick stem. 

Hope this was helpful.