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Happy Valentine's Day!

I had a ton of grand plans for Valentine's Day. I was going to do something fun and special for each day leading up to the 14th, but then we all got sick with the flu, and all my plans came to a halt. Me and the babies were miserable for pretty much the first half of February. 

But thankfully, we were all recovered by Valentines weekend. 

So we did some fun stuff,

like have a cupcake party.......

valentines day decoration cupcakes

valentine's day cupcakes party

And eat cake

valentines cake decorations party

And more cake.....

valentines cake ideas

Hubby surprised me with lots of flowers. Is there anything in the world prettier than flowers? I think not. 

valentines flowers ideas

With all these flowers I made pretty tablecapes. I love Valentine's Day because it's an excuse to go overboard on my favorite color: pink! 

valentines tablescape

valentines tablescapes

Valentino helped me make these little teddy bear favors for his classmates for their Valentine gram exchange party. 

valentine's favors school grams

In school, Valentino made a surprise for me and daddy for Valentine's Day. We absolutely loved it! Our little artist! 

toddler valentine's day craft

The kids had fun playing with a Valentine's sensory bin (they love this kind of stuff) and making Valentines cards for the special people in their lives. 

valentine's sensory bin toddler activities

valentine's day decorations toddler

Me and hubby had date night at home after the kids went to bed. Doing it this way is SO much better and less stressful than getting a sitter, rushing to get ready, then watching your alcohol intake because you have to drive, and then rushing back home to get back to the babies. All on the busiest weekend of the year for restaurants. 

toddler valentine's day craft valentine's date night ideas

So this year hubby was BAD and surprised me with a new purse, after me telling him a million times that I don't need anything and that we need to be more frugal. He's so bad. But it's just so pretty....... so I didn't complain too much. 

leila rahmanian

I love this purse because it's big enough to be used as a diaper bag, and has three compartments, which is perfect! One for me and one for each kid. It will soon be filled up with diapers, wipes, change of clothes, tissues, bottles and snacks. 

So that was a glimpse of this year's Valentine's weekend. Even though we didn't get to do all the things I was planning on doing with the family, it was still special. The kids loved it, hubby loved it, and that was enough to make me the happiest. I love them all so much. 

Valentine's Day 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!! I am obsessed with Valentine's Day. I loved how in elementary school we would decorate shoe boxes and collect cards and candy from our classmates in the boxes. I loved going through my box, eating all the candy and reading everyone's messages. As an adult, I loved giving and receiving gifts: chocolate hearts and roses, shiny red heart shaped boxes filled with goodies, heart jewelry, etc. I love how my first son was conceived on Valentine's Day <3 

Ok so I know it's a corporate-marketing-consumer-exploiting holiday. But aren't all holidays?   

This year I told my husband what I wanted: macaroon trinket boxes. They are SO cute. I look at them and I want to eat them.

macaroon trinket

macaroon trinket

So because I'm 5 I went and splurged on fun festive things that I don't need but that make me happy:

valentine's day

And then I put up hearts everywhere.......

valentine's day decor

And I made a pretty table spread, and then ate everything on the table:

valentine's day decor

valentines day decoration

Last year I did the same thing. Except I had more time to bake and make things like cheesecake cupcakes and heart shaped cakes. This year I have two babies instead of one so no time for making fancy strawberry cheesecake cupcakes.

Last year:

valentine's day tablescape